Women’s Dresses – Know Your Type

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There is a variety of women’s dresses, and each of them is suitable for a specific occasion. When the options are so diverse, the selection should be right, as there are different dresses available for women with different body types, preferences, colors; the list is exhaustive. In order to give some arrangement to diverse options, a woman should be aware of the basic types of dresses. Here are some of the basic types of women’s dresses that you will find in the market:

• Sun dresses- sun dresses are ideal day wear in the summer. They are made of soft materials to provide comfort with style. The length is quite short, and they have a loose-fitting. Sun dresses might be fitted from the top, but they are always loose from the bottom. They are perfect for a casual trip with friends or for outings and picnics. They are also easy to accessorize; all that you need is a pair of flip-flops, and a small piece of jewelry. They are usually patterned and found in bright summer based colors; besides they lack sleeves and have open necks.

• Cocktail dress- this is a diverse type, which further covers a number of dress styles. Cocktail dresses are for semi-formal events. They range from sleeveless to fully sleeved, and tank top to strapped ones. The basic characteristic of a cocktail dress is that, it should be up to your mid thighs in length. An ideal cocktail dress is a simple type that fits the person perfectly and does not show too much skin.

• Work dress – women have moved on from the normal business suits, and now they wear special day suits; which are both professional and stylish. These might include a simple dress or a flared one. It should be above the knee like a pencil skirt but should be too small to only cover the posture of the wearer.

• Bubble dress- bubble dresses are formal dresses, which are fitted at the top, and puffy below the waist. They have a predefined upper part, and as it goes down the volume increases. This style is becoming a popular choice among both young and old women.

• Sweater dress- like summer dresses are made in the summers, sweater dresses are best for a casual wear in winters. They are long-sleeved and cover the neck. The material in most cases is the same as of a sweater, or any other which has the ability to keep the person warm. In most cases, they look like large sweaters.

• Sheath dress- these are strapped or type of fitting dresses. They cover the body of the person, and mold according to their shape. Their length usually lies a few inches above the knees. The material, or design varies and they are good for intimate occasions, including the dates.

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