Who Is God – Some Important Attributes From the Word of God

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First of all, from the very beginning of the Bible, we learn that God is our creator. Let’s get one thing straight, God created us! We are His invention, Male and Female He created us. He is our Author and our owner. The One who sprang us into being. Look at the genius of a computer, how did it get there? Someone made it. They skillfully design and crafted it. So it is with us, we are intricately made by God. With even more wisdom than the computer designer has. Every part of us, every detail in our world is uniquely crafted: first in the mind of God, by the hand of God; therefore He is called our Maker and Creator.

Secondly, an attribute that most people may forget, that God is Holy. Our detailed book about God speaks clearly on this subject. In the book of first Samuel (a book in the Bible ) we read in chapter two verse two, “that there is none Holy like the Lord.” The word holy can be taken to mean, separate, different or unique. In a way we can say God is foreign, or alien to us. This is important for us to remember; that God is not like us, but far above us. The fact that God is holy also means, He is sinless, He is pure; like a perfectly clean white shirt, or an undefiled glass of water. Woven throughout the Word of God is this theme that God is holy. It is here we have and can gain new knowledge of who God is and His transcendent holiness.

Thirdly, The Lord God is merciful. This is another great and admirable attribute of God. Mercy! Our Father in heaven is compassionate and gracious, His mercy is all over His works. God does not just give out mercy to His creation because He has lots of it, but because He is mercy. Psalm one-hundred and forty-four says, the Lord is gracious and merciful; slow to anger and great in loving-kindness. It is a part of Him. If you want grace, He owns it, so you must go to Him. Mercy flows from Him like water from a waterfall, giving His creation life and breath, and what is needed for our salvation. God’s greatest act of kindness and mercy is seen clearly in His willingness and desire to save His unholy creation. When we sin we sin against God, and we should incur punishment. However, God is kind to us, in that, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to receive punishment in our place (on a wooden cross ). He can now be compassionate towards us. Here we see God’s mighty kindness poured forth upon us in all its fulness. We know now that God is abundant in mercy and grace, rich in forgiveness, because He did not spare His Son, but gave Him up for us. This a powerful display of God’s attribute of mercy.

Consequently, you have seen clearly, three important attributes of our Almighty God. Nevertheless, there is still more to know, God is infinite and hence has each one of these characteristics to the fullest measure. The bible is overflowing of information and realities about God, you should continue to seek out our Living God in His word; like a Miner digging for gold.

write by Wolfgang

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