What to Do For Valentines Day – 5 Unusual Ideas For Lovers on A Tight Budget

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There is often great emphasis placed on February 14th by couples, and it can get very expensive as people feel pressure from magazines and television to make it spectacular. However it is possible to make the day romantic and special, even if you don’t have much spare cash. So if you are wondering what to do for Valentines day, here are 5 unusual Ideas for lovers on a tight budget.

1. Give personalized vouchers.

This is possibly one of the most inexpensive things you can do, and one which can’t fail to impress. All you need to do is design your own vouchers on your computer, or write and design them by hand. Make them as attractive as possible. The great thing is you can make them as personal as possible.

Here are a few ideas for your vouchers to get you started. A bedtime hot drink, a 20 minute massage, one breakfast in bed, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

2. Create a virtual short break.

If your budget does not stretch to a weekend break in Paris, why not create a virtual short break at home. You can have fun with this. Play music from your chosen destination, or drink a bottle of wine made there, eat food specialties that you would if you were in your chosen destination.etc.

Most important however, turn off the phone, lock the door, and spend time with each other. Often time is the greatest gift you can give.

3. Sensual massage.

Give your partner a sensual massage. It should be all about them. Make the room special with scented candles relaxing music etc. Then simply spend time pampering your special someone. It doesn’t have to lead any further unless that is what they want.

4. Create a unique gift.

There are many print on demand websites where you can create or find that special one-off gift. Again the only limit is your on imagination, if you are stuck for inspiration you will also find thousands of designs already available. It’s not just for t-shirts, you can personalize many different items.

One idea I saw recently was a guy who printed a t-shirt declaring his love for his girlfriend, and then wore it all day on valentines day.

5. Create your own 12 days of Valentine.

Very similar to the 12 days of Christmas, why not write 12 love notes for your sweetheart, and then leave one per day in different places for them to find. Why should Valentines day just be one day? This way you can give your loved one 12 special days.

So if you are wondering what to do for valentines day, I hope these 5 unusual ideas for lovers on a tight budget have helped you to find the answer. Enjoy your day.

write by Pandora

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