What If I Dare to Dream

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“What if?” is the thought provoking question that I present to you. It propels you to engage the world you live in and think about what’s possible. Have you ever thought about what your life would be if you simply asked, what if? Think about where you are today: your career, business, health, education, and family.

Ask yourself what if I dare to dream? How would life’s circumstances change? Where would you be living now? What career would you have? What business would you create? What world problems would I help to solve? What cause or movement would you be a part of?

When I dare to dream, I visualize myself giving back to children. I want to create an experience for children to walk in their purpose. As an educator, I love setting up the canvas. This canvas is potential, a space for children to explore their lives and create their own reality.

I nurture and guide them to places that seem out of reach. In reality, everything is reachable. All obstacles are removable. I’m challenging them and helping them focus their energies on being the best that they can be. I want them to question themselves, others, and the world around them. Always asking what if?

I see children of all backgrounds and cultures embracing their potential. Living and working together for the benefit of the world. That’s what I see when I dare to dream.

Ask yourself… How would I fill in the blanks of my own reality?

write by Keva

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