What Goes Into Making Boys’ First Communion Invitations Great?

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It needs no mentioning that the first communion is a very special thing for everybody in the family and more so for the child in question. We all know that making great first communion invitations is the first step towards making the event an unqualified success. Also, it is no secret making some good boys first communion invitations involved including photos and beautiful poems and all that.

However, few people ever about the finer points that come into play or rather should come into play when designing the creating invitations. These things act subconsciously on the guests’ minds when they receive your child’s communion invitations and make the event more appealing. We will be looking at these small things that you should take care of to make the invitations even better.

Let us talk about color first. When we think of a first communion invitation, we most probably think a white colored invitation with some shade on the sides. This is the convention today and most people choose not to change it. If not, they usually go with what the invitation services suggest. The point I am trying to make is that we don’t think for ourselves what would be the best color.

So instead of taking the usual route, why don’t we try to change things a bit? We could jazz up the invitation and the feel of it. In the process you are also creating some excitement about the whole event. Why not invert the trend and go for another color as the main thing and put some white shading at the borders? I know it sounds somewhat odd, but be a bit bold and don’t skip these ideas.

The next idea is the theme. The theme of the boys first communion invitations is again mostly nothing more than a soft on to emphasize the religious nature of the event. However, there is nothing wrong in getting a bit brighter and add some fun. If you are going blue, don’t necessarily try to portray pale blue, you can get a bit brighter.

Everyone these days uses photo of the boy in question for the communion invitations and indeed for most occasions. For the communion, the formal white shirt with a black tuxedo is the most commonly chosen one. And boys indeed look the smartest in that attire. However, you could try something different for your boy’s communion event.

I am not saying that you should definitely be different, but don’t be afraid of trying different kinds of dress of the formal kind. Instead of a white shirt, maybe your boy looks much better and smarter in a dark purple dress and a tie color to match.

As I said, these are not the major things to consider when creating boys first communion invitations. But these little things are what tug at people’s hearts and compel them to attend the event. Also remember to hold the event in the same vein as your invitations to be consistent throughout.

write by Issac

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