What Does a Trench Coat Convey?

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A trench coat is a great thing to have on a rainy day. Not only that, it is great for any fall or spring day when the wind is blowing and you want to protect yourself. But, the most important thing about this type of coat is the type of statement it makes about the person wearing it. So, what does a trench coat convey about you? Below are 5 things it can convey.

Mystery: This coat conveys an air of mystery. In many movies, oftentimes, the leading characters are mysteriously wearing trench coats. The reason behind the mystery lies in what the coat hides underneath. You have no idea if the person is the type that likes to wear dresses or pants, jeans or shorts, t-shirts or a button down. Also, you don’t know the style of the clothes so you can’t deduct where the person is going. Is the person all dressed up to go out to dinner or go dancing? Is the person a waitress a business person a department store buyer or a judge? With this type of coat covering you up, nobody has any idea who you are and this conveys a definite air of mystery.

Confidence: Trench coats oftentimes convey confidence. You see the confident swagger of many cowboys in westerns with their long full length coats. You also see the confidence of a businesswoman walking to her meetings in a long smart coat. Depending on how you wear it, a trench most often conveys lots of confidence.

Style: A trench with style conveys to others that you have a sense of fashion. So many designer labels make smart coats these days and the details around these types of coats show a lot of style. So, when looking for a trench, carefully select the color, the collar, the type of buttons and the other little details that will be on your coat to convey your style.

Timelessness: Trench coats have been around for a long time. People have worn them since they were created by Thomas Burberry in 1901. Since then, many people have worn them. From men at war to stylish women in the 50’s to countless people of all walks of life now, these types of jackets convey a unique timelessness that other articles of clothing do not. You can wear your coat in your 20’s and continue to wear it into your 50’s and beyond. So, buy one carefully and be selective.

Danger: Finally, a trench, especially when worn on men, can convey danger. Many characters on TV and in the movies use these coats to hide their weapons. If you run into a menacing person wearing a trench, be careful. You don’t know what they could be carrying underneath the coat. The same could apply for yourself. If you want to convey an air of menace or danger, unbutton the coat, swing it around, and wear it with confidence when walking around.

A trench coat is a great article of clothing. When you wear one, think about what you want to convey to others.

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