Valentine’s Day Ideas – 2 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples or Families

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Here are two fun Valentine’s Day ideas that are very versatile and can work for both couples and kids.

I Spy…Red

This would make a fun family Valentine’s Day activity but it also works well for couples. Give each person (or team if it’s a family activity) a pad of paper and a pen and head to the local mall or any other place that is bound to have many people and various items. The objective is to find as many red colored items as you can in the set amount of time. Malls work great for this because of the vast array of items to be seen, but for families with younger children safety may be of concern. One rule should be that if you’ve seen one red shirt, you’ve seen them all, so it can only be listed once. The winners get to choose where to have dinner (or ice cream) for the evening.

Scavenger Hunt

Get yourself some cute little Valentine’s Day cards that your partner would like or make your own little cards out of pink and red construction paper cut into heart shapes. Then write clues on them to lead them on a wild goose chase around the house (or even the town!). You should decide where the end will be and what will be waiting there. Then write clues leading them around appropriately. Leave a clue on the door that he enters the house through when he returns home from work. Lead him around the house to various places. Maybe, after he gets off his shoes and puts away his work related things, he gets in the shower to clean up a bit. Then on top of his clothes is a note directing him to get a bottle of wine from the fridge. Next it’s to the cupboard to get two glasses which instruct him to take them up to you, waiting in the bedroom. Or you could send him a text while he is still at work instructing him to go to the local wine store and pick up a bottle that you have specifically put on hold there, with another clue of course. This may lead him to pick up your nice dress at the dry cleaners which may lead to the bakery to get a nice chocolaty cheesecake and then home to you! This is a fun one! Even if you don’t think you are creative, you will soon find that you are as you plan this adventure

write by Anatole

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