Trench Coats For Women

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Regardless of the many fashion trends there are certain clothing pieces that will never go out of style. They resist the trends and changes that occur from season to season. Some examples are the black dress, white shirt, jeans (no matter the cut or color) and the trench coat, which may seem very retro, but is actually quite modern.

Where does the trench come from?

Trench is the successor of the uniform worn by British soldiers during World War I, created by Thomas Burberry. The coat was waterproof and had gabardine in its composition.

The design was then modified to include epaulettes, belt and metal rings, this version being called trench. Trench raincoats continued to stay in fashion after 40 years, becoming popular in movies and among people.

You can wear it going to work in the cool mornings, to look more businesslike, or to the meetings with your friends. The trench is a strong off-season clothing piece which should not be absent in your wardrobe.

Which one to choose?

For the spring season, the trench coat, one of the trends introduced by designers, has a military look, but is very comfortable, yet feminine. Equally remarkable is the dominant color – more shades of beige, cream, coral, very close to natural skin ton.

As a novelty, the colored coats will surely make you stand out in a crowd, especially if you properly accessorize them: a funny brooch, colored beads (yes, even over a trench coat), and scarves that match your lipstick.

write by Ceridwen

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