Top 3 Games for Girls

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All kids, whether girls or boys, love playing games. It’s one of their basic needs to play various games for the purpose of enjoyment or fun. There are many types of games available on the market for kids, including action, adventure, Barbie, princess, puzzles, cooking, makeup, monsters, vampires, and many others. So your child has a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to computer games. Don’t allow your kids to play horror or any other severe kind of action games. It’s your responsibility to provide your child with a healthy gaming experience.

When it comes to girls games, this is quite easy for parents to manage. Girls usually don’t like playing action, horror, or fighting games; rather, they love playing doll, dress up, makeup, and other games. So you don’t have to worry much about the games while choosing one for your girl.

Girls Games

Here are some of the major games that your girl can play, and she will surely love them all.


All girls love playing makeup games. Naturally, girls tend to love makeup and all related stuff. Interestingly, you don’t have to tell your girl how she should play the game; rather, she will start playing it herself.

Dress up

These games are extremely popular and, just as importantly, are very easy. Your girl can easily play this particular game. In a dress up game, players need to change clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, hair style, purse, and everything of the character. Barbie, monsters, fairies, princesses, celebrities, cartoons, and vampires are some of the major characters that are used in these games.

In a vampire dress up game, players have to dress up a vampire or a monster. It is strongly recommended that you shouldn’t allow your girls younger than nine to play these vampire dress up games because these can create a sense of fear in your child.


It’s another famous category that girls love. There are many types of cooking games available online. Girls can easily learn cooking via these interesting, as well as enjoyable, games. Most of the cooking games allow girls to cook various dishes virtually within a specific time period. All the ingredients, quantities, and procedures are told to the players, so it’s a good learning game for girls of all ages.


Adventure, fairy, Winx club, magic, and Barbie are some of the other playoffs that have been developed specifically for girls. All these games are available online and your girl can easily play them free of cost.

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