Tommy Hilfiger Cologne – A Young, Hip and Fresh Scent

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If you want something to wear against the skin that is light, fresh and sporty, then Tommy Hilfiger Cologne definitely fits the bill. Hilfiger is an American fashion icon who found success young, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and keeping his finger on the pulse on the latest trends. From his first foray with this cologne in the fragrance industry in 1995, he now has over 35 marketed scents.

Marketed for men from Hilfiger’s perfume empire, this cologne has also found some female followers as well. In partnership with perfumers Annie Buzantian and Alberto Morillas, this scent is quite masculine but some of the fragrance notes appeal to the ladies and meld well with a woman’s body chemistry. This hip, urban and smart scent is an excellent daytime addition to your daily grooming, particularly in the hot summer months.

Groovy Scents

Your first whiff of Tommy Hilfiger Cologne will invoke visions of lavender fields along with clean citrusy grapefruit, bracing cool mint and spicy bergamot. Adding to this complexity are the middle notes of tangy cranberries, traditional rose and snappy, juicy granny smith apples. As this men’s fragrance lingers on your skin, you will detect the very notes that build the foundation of this cologne. Earthy ambers meld well with greenness of cactus and fresh, clean cotton flower.

Mood Invoking

The lavender top notes almost seem romantic along with the middle rose notes. However, it is the granny smith apples and cool mint that brings this cologne back from the edge of romance. The spicy tanginess of the cranberries and amber kick up the hot and hip factor while the grapefruit and cotton flower reigns in this fragrance to make it an excellent scent whether you are rocking the baggy gangster pants or donning khakis and a polo shirt.

While not traditional in any sense, this men’s cologne is one scent that many men gravitate back to after trying various others. There is just something about it that is comforting and yet helps you maintain that edge. And the good news is that after over a decade, this fragrance is still available for purchase. You can spend your hard earned dollars for it at department retail stores but why should you? Buy perfume online like this designer scent and save some money. You will not only be perceived as young, hip and happening with your Tommy Hilfiger Cologne but smart too.

write by Meredith

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