Tomb Raider Costume – Choose a Lara Croft Costume and Save the Universe

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Stylish, sexy, tough and popular are a few great ways to describe a Tomb Raider Costume. Due to the hugely popular movie, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, this costume choice is a great one for your Halloween or costume party festivities this year.

So what makes a Lara Croft Tomb Raider costume look fantastic? Well there are certainly a few key elements that will make your tomb raider costume the best it can be. After all, you want to look as much like Angelina Jolie as possible right? Okay well here are a few key costume pieces you will want to be sure you have in time for that Halloween party.

First you need the long braided hair that Lara wore so stylishly in the movie. This hairstyle combines simplicity with a rugged toughness that was totally appropriate for Lara Croft. Don’t worry if you don’t have hair as long as Angelina Jolie – you can buy a braided wig that looks just like the real deal!

Next you need the clothes that will make a tomb raider costume recognizable. You will need a short brown top that is cropped well above your belly button with short sleeves. Pair the shirt with a dark brown pair of very short shorts and a pair of knee high black boots and you’re well on your way to great Lara Croft costume.

But of course, there are a few more important pieces to this costume that may be a little harder to find. You will need an over sized holster belt complete with dual pistols to wrap around your waist and a band of ammunition too just in case you need to reload your weapons. And don’t forget the black backpack to store all of those extra fighting weapons and gloves without fingers for that extra Lara Croft look!

A Tomb Raider costume is a great choice for any Halloween or costume party. Lara Croft was trying to save the universe and with a costume like this, you’ll feel like you can too!

write by Amee Wheeler

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