Tips to Make Money With Fiverr

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If you’re hoping to make money with fiverr then you may have already browsed but are left wondering what you can do to get some of those five dollar payments coming your way. Deciding what to sell is only the first part however, getting your gig noticed is another issue entirely. Here are some tips on what you can sell on fiverr:

1) Meet the Demand – One good strategy is to meet a demand that already exists on fiverr. If you go to the home page then scroll down then on the right hand side you’ll notice a heading “Request Gigs”. This is a list of things that people are willing to pay $5 to have done for them so just choose something that you can do and setup your gig.

2) Writing Services – If you are good at writing there is always a demand for writing services such as articles, blog posts etc. You’ll also notice that writing often appears in the requested gigs section so if you see a niche in the writing area that you are confident you can fill then go for it.

3) Photo Editing – With digital cameras being easily available and cheaper these days most people are taking lots of photos. Many average users don’t know how to do simple things such as resizing, removing red-eye and other minor problems which can easily be done using software or even with free online photo editing sites where you can do this easily.

4) Offline Tasks – On fiverr you can offer almost anything so try not to limit your thinking to exclusively computer based tasks. Some people offer to promote a business outside large department stores by handing out flyers, wearing a branded T-Shirt etc so try to think outside the box when choosing what you will sell.

5) Video Reviews – If you have a webcam or video camera you can offer to do a 1 or 2 minute video review for products or websites. This is simple to do as you will find most of the content for what to say on the website or product page.

The tips discussed in this article are only a general outline of some of the things you offer in your gig. The possibilities are endless on this exciting new site and what you can do to make money with fiverr. Click the links below to find out how to take your gigs to a whole new level.

write by Caradoc

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