Tips For Wearing White Blouses and T Shirts

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Do you like wearing white blouses, tops, and t shirts but hate showing the world your undergarments? We have all seen women walking about in public wearing a white t shirt or blouse. We have all seen exactly what kind of undergarment she wears underneath because you can clearly see through her top. We all know that wearing white means that passersby will likely get a glimpse of your bra or slip underneath, so how do we solve this age old problem?

The answer is simple, wear bras, slips, and undergarments that match your skin tone as closely as possible. Whether you have light porcelain skin or creamy mocha, today’s lingerie manufacturers make their undergarments in a variety of different colors. You no longer only have black or white as color options when buying a bra. There are a range of nudes, beige’s, taupe’s, and mocha colors that will match closely to many different skin tones.

Even plus size women now have more color options when choosing a bra or other plus size lingerie. Plus size specialty shops are now carrying bra in extended sizes in a variety of colors. Choose the color of bra or undergarment that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Your undergarments will blend in with your skin and will be practically undetectable when out in public.

You no longer have to keep your favorite white blouses and tops hidden away in your closet never to see the light of day because you are too afraid to wear them. With my handy tip you will be wearing your white tops without showing the world what you are wearing underneath.

write by Gwyn

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