Three Great Avatar Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

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With James Cameron’s amazing block buster movie Avatar, he really created a whole new way of looking at aliens. And one of the most fun and coolest way you can dress up for your next costume party, whether you’re a men or women, or kid, is in a great avatar fancy dress costume.

The alien world of Pandora has created a wonderful place for our imaginations to explore. And for the first time the human’s are the bad guys and the aliens – the Na’vi – are the good guys! Here are some ideas of how you could dress up as the good guy, Avatar-style:

1. Jake Sully full Na’vi costume

Our true hero Jake Sully is a very cool-looking character in full Na’vi avatar form. If you have the body and the courage for it then you can just strip down, wear a loincloth. And body paint yourself in the distinctive aquamarine blue with darker blue stripes of the Na’vi.

Alternatively you could make or buy a Na’vi body suit that will keep you warmer and still create the full, cool effect of a Na’vi warrior ready to run, jump, fly and fight! Don’t forget the get your hair back in a ponytail. If you have short hair a wig will do the job. And of course the defining feature of the Na’vi is the tail with a furry end.

You should also try to find a spear or some sort of plastic knife to wear – no Na’vi travels unarmed. You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself on Pandora, no matter how peaceful the Halloween party me seem.

2. Clothed Jake Sully

The whole body suit may be a bit much for your costume, especially if you are pressed for time in preparation. A great alternative is a kind of half and half Na’vi and normal Jake costume – basically Sully’s Avatar wearing his black t-shirt with beige trousers and shirt over the top. Much easier to prepare and just as cool – but the face paint or mask, ponytail and an actual tail are still a must.

3. Neytiri costume

For all the female Avatar fans out there, there is a true treat in dressing up as the sexy, wild and dangerous Neytiri – the Na’vi Jake first meets and then falls in love with. The key to this costume is really the same as the Jake sully full Na’vi costume. You have to go all the way and wear a full body suit or very little else, and a loincloth for protection.

But the effect will be wonderful, as you become the entrancing alien. And a great wig, tail and a spear will make the image perfect.


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