The Pros and Cons of the Tubular Braided Rugs

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When it comes to braided rugs, there are two methods used to manufacture them. One is the flat braid method and the other is tubular or round method. There are many rugs found in the market today using either one of those methods.

Many avid collectors of braided rugs will tell you that the better option is the flat braid rugs. This is not to say that you should not purchase the tubular braided rugs. However there are some pros and cons to this method of manufacturing.

The great thing about these rugs is that they can be found anywhere. You can find them in home decor stores or in online stores. The other good thing about these rugs is that they are much cheaper compared to the other type. As they cost less to manufacture, they are sold at a lower price. Price is an important factor to consider when purchasing floor rugs. Most homeowners would very much prefer to pay a cheaper price for their rugs.

On the other hand, cheap braided rugs may mean that they are of inferior quality. In this case, this could be true. A rug made using the tubular method may not be strong or durable. They are also hard to maintain. Also, since these rugs were made by wrapping a tube with yarn, whenever a yarn breaks, you will be able to see the tubing inside the rug. This is really unsightly and destroys the look of the rug.

Before purchasing these tubular ones, consider your needs. If you want something cheap and don’t mind owning a rug that may not last you a long time, by all means, make that purchase. If you want something temporary or a rug that can be used and then chucked away, then get the tubular rug. However, if you are looking for a braided rug that you can use for many years, then the tubular is not for you.

write by Briston Blair

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