The Last Night – Poem About Jesus and His Final Night on Earth

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The Last Night

the sky was painted black and gray, the wind blew eerily on that day,

flock of white doves that normally fly, stayed hidden away

while a soldier looked up towards the sky-

with lifted hands

cried toward the heavens-“why?”

looking up,

the earthquake shook

the city, rumbling of thunder like the growling of a lion

assuaging his hunger;

while women looked on with tearful eyes,

best friend holds

his mother tight, his head bowed low,

in silent death;

the execution

that would lay his soul to rest;

the traitor’s kiss the fearful lies,

the running away,

the great betray;

the scales of justice,

tip towards your side

as hope began anew that night;

the wave washes clean-

prints in the sand;

the eraser cleans the board, with the teacher’s hand;

the shirt that is torn

is mended like new;

the blood-stained dress,

is washed through and through,

white and clean

as the morning dew;

the slap in the face the agony,

the crack of the whip,

the bloody knees,

the disgrace and spit, and rip of flesh,

the imminent death

the final breath;

carrying the weight of the world to the top of a hill

tortured steps,

day-time – seems to stand still;

Of Struggle and Conflict – Jerusalem

bloodied back

the morning’s harsh chill, integrity of love

unselfishly willed;

purple coat

and crown of thorns, rolling down his beard,

a drop of blood;

a silent reminder

of the coming day, and it drops

to the dusty ground beside his sandaled feet;

the love of truth,

the washing of hands, the sleepless night,

light of dawn’s emerging sands;

in silence- eyes focused straight towards the sky,

while birds fly by,

and women cry;

while nails poised to pierce

hands and feet,

a gasp of pain

with the angels’ accompanying grief;

while tortured nails

of the ultimate test

were abruptly driven

through his poised, taut flesh;

“forgive them please,”

he was heard to say-

that eventful day

he lifted his eyes and silently


while on the stake;

“You will be with me

in paradise’s embrace”

he promised a man

through his tortured face a man that deserved it not

yet the promise

will not be forgotten, forever

while spring’s new moon

traveled onward

through space

to light up the night world in another place that knew not

what took place;

the stab of a spear

into the side of a man, while blood spilled out

like tears,

on the ground it lay;

the price made on that day, like a debt

that was finally paid,

or the purchase to free –

a captive slave;

“Why have you left me?”

in tortured pain,

with eyes looking upward towards heaven

body writhing in shame;

the broken body

of a lifeless dove, hung upon a stake-

a fair exchange

for a tragic mistake;

“I’ll carry your burdens if you believe,

to waters of life

I will to you-lead,”

is what he said

two-thousand years atras,

before his death;

and on leaves of life-giving trees, for a thousand years,

you will feed

a story of tragedy, triumph,

of millenniums’ plan

skillfully weaved.

End of Poem

The Last Night About Jesus’ last hours on earth and death. One interesting fact about Jesus’ death is that according to Biblical scholars, Jesus most likely died on a simple stake, rather than a two-pieced cross. The original Greek words often translated “cross,” originally meant a stake, or upright pole, as used in Jesus’ day, and the form of execution used in Roman times was a stake. The cross was a pagan symbol which later became a part of Christianity, explains Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. The poem is based on the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This, of course, takes nothing away for the supreme act of love that Jesus Christ made in behalf of others, in that he willing gave up his life to pay for the sing of mankind and give those who believe opportunity for everlasting life, according to the Bible. Jesus said, “For God loved the world so much, that he gave his only begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him, might not be destroyed, but have everlasting life.” Jesus said, also, “No man has greater love than this, that he should surrender his soul in behalf of his friends.”

When Jesus was being executed, he prayed to God, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Jesus had taught his followers to pray for their enemies, and bless those who are persecuting you, and he practiced what he himself preached.

He continued to think, not of himself, but of others as he was being executed. He said to the woman who were crying as he was being led to Golgotha, “Cry not for me but for yourselves, because…” Jesus knew the trials that were ahead for some of these women.

He asked his closest disciple John, from the torture stake to take his mother in to his home, “Look your mother.” And to Mary his mother he said, “Look your son.” He said this even as he was in his last hours of life. And before he died, he blessed the sincere and repentant evildoer who was being executed next to him, “Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in paradise.”

Could anyone have made up such a lofty ethic? Such a story of the highest level of self-sacrifice that has ever been written about a real historical person? It seems very unlikely that anyone could have cleverly crafted such a story. Jesus Christ was a real part of history, and although some doubt some of the details of his life and death, the fact remains, that no man has left as large a footprint on the earth, than this humble carpenter and ministry, Jesus Christ. He was the greatest man who ever lived, and the Bible says he was resurrected to God’s right hand, where he was appointed by God as King and Judge of all the earth. He is our Savior, He is our Redeemer. He is the Son of God. He is our Lord.

write by stewart

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