The Double Curse Of – Senor Leonico Cesar Palma (Part of The – "Catavarous Journey")

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(Advance) I wasn’t going to get into, or tell you what happened to the so called “New Arrival,” but I got a nagging in my head this morning, to do so, and I couldn’t get it out of my head until I wrote it out on toilet paper-the quickest paper available, put it in my pocket, and hopped it all went away later, meaning I file 13 it, or write it out. But it didn’t. My wife Rosa and I went to Wong’s to have lunch, and then purchased some CD’s, and she had asked if I was going to go to Starbuck’s and have some coffee, as I usually do in the afternoons abut 2:00 or 3:00 PM, to about 4:00 or 5:30 PM, coffee and a cookie, and home I go. But I said no, thinking about the story I wrote out on toilet paper, on in my shirt pocket, an outline I should say, on what happened to the Arrival in the book “The Cadaverous Journey.”

To be honest I didn’t know until it came to me like a flash of lightening, as if trying to wake up Frankenstein from the dead. I mean, my pen hand started writing it out like it had the story packed away in my fingernails; I didn’t even have to think, for it just came. So I must say at this juncture, it is all from the depths of some mysterious cellar vault, that was opened up for me, and now I must tell you what came about with this fellow who arrived at the Asteroid prison, and a part of his soul, the third part if you’ve read the story “The Cadaverous Journey,” what actually took place soon after he left the prison house.

I call this a double course, and you will see why in a moment, but the first curse was of course, dying, and ending up in a prison (something on the order of purgatory, waiting for the last judgment, or simply waiting out whatever punishment you must, and thus, waiting on your reprieve to go to heaven-hopefully).

Well, the man who was or is called the ‘New Arrival’ had died in a car accident, as most of us readers know now, and his wife and child died with him. His actual name was Leonico Cesar Palma, from Peru. They had been on their way to Huancayo, from Lima, while about 15,000-feet up in the Andes, they took a sharp curve, and crashed. The child went right to heaven, and the mother had found herself wandering within that vicinity of the accident, but a little farther down the road, when upon a stranger and his wife (Dr. Dennis Siluk, and his wife Rosa, along with his godchild Ximena) found her wondering, picked her up, and ended up in a car accident themselves.

Anyhow, Leonico never did find out what took place with his daughter and wife, and I shall explain why here. Now you need to listen closely, read every word, keep an open mind, and remember this is what came to me, told to me you might say, but first I must explain some of the dimensions in the other world.

Ghosts are the residue of those who were once human, having physical souls and flesh beings. Demons are to the contrary, they are, or have no physical parts to them; this is why they must find substance, an essence to incorporate their intangible elements into, around, within them; so they can operate in the physical world. They housed themselves in humans, animals, even inanimate objects, and believe it or not, the residue of a runaway soul of a past human.

Ghosts are not all bad folks, they are searching usually for something, but demons are again to the contrary, almost always bad news, and once they enter a living thing, that thing is taken over by its character and all by the demon’s possession, and thus becomes the personification of that of which possesses them.

With this being understood, here is what took place.

Leonico left the prison house, also known as the asteroid-prison, and when he arrived on earth, for the prison house is in the cosmic universe, he was about to get his direction. The demon named Woodbridge, was present, had been present hiding in a dojo, second floor (karate gym) down at 97 Collingwood Street in San Francisco, in the Castro district, he saw Leonico Cesar, and he looked lost, he looked closer and he approached him slowly, slyly, and like a whirlwind, like a spider to a fly, he sucked the essence of Cesar into his web, and Woodbridge subjugated his essence as if it was woven into his, and thus, Cesar lost his capability to act separately, and acquired the character of Woodbridge, bound to him until he would find a more suitable human being to do his bidding.

Demonic beings, and angelic fallen beings must find a physical force to enter to do their bidding for them; often times, the human filled demon thinks he is he, when in essence, he opened the door for the demon, and the demon took advantage of it. Thus, if you are in magical practices, or things like reading or watching, or allowing this side of life to influence you, it opens more doors than you think.

Cesar was now stung and paralyzed within this gripping unstable creature’s mist, and with this, there was a little substance to him now (to Woodbridge), even could appear and be seen if in certain light reflections. Yet this was not exactly Woodbridge’s full desire. He wanted to be inside of a more open-minded human, that didn’t mind the aggressive side of life, but Cesar would do. It is you see the nature of the beast. Demons have not mercy side to them, no practical side you may say, to a psychologist, they would be categorized as psychotic, some with paranoia, and others with other un-wishful maladaptive behavior styles.

(Conclusion 🙂 What Cesar did not know was this: he was sent to the prison house, as a penitence to be served. He believed in Christ, but was a bad Christian, and so he needed to be punished somehow, hence, he was actually given 10-years, a minute for each sin he committed in his lifetime. Then with all three parts of his soul intact, he would have been given a white coat, and a seal of approval, and would have been escorted to heaven. Now, his time for penitence would not start until the third part of his soul returned, and the truth of the matter is, Woodbridge would not leave Cesar for thirty-years, whereupon, he quickly returned to his prison, connected with the other two parts of his soul, the personal part and the pure part, the part that returned was the negotiator (or rebel part), and in the year 2008, at its end, he will have served his time completely, and onto heaven he shall go.

Written 4-4-2008

write by Lloyd

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