The Brookwood Grandfather Clock

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How to Care for It and Where to Get the Best Price

The Brookwood grandfather clock comes from a long tradition of fine clock-making in America, as long case clocks were the very first clocks to be actually made in America for use in the home. Before 1680 all clocks were imported from Europe. The long case design for this ancient timepiece came about because of the need to house the long pendulum. In the early days the movements of grandfather clocks were made from wood and bronze.

We still love our grandfather clocks today and the Brookwood grandfather clock is a very authentic-looking copy of the original design. It is a splendid looking floor clock with a North American red oak case, which has a rich color and finish to it. The case and full length door of the clock are crafted from 13/16″ thick red oak, to make it an elegant and sturdy piece of furniture which will last way into future generations of your family.

If you want to create an elegant traditional décor in your home, a Brookwood grandfather clock will set the mood perfectly. This magnificent clock has a 31 day cycle, so you only have to wind it up once a month. These clocks are usually about 6′ 4″ high and have a glass front which displays the attractive brass weights and pendulums. The very musical chimes strike on the hour and once on the half hour. If your Brookwood clock starts to gain or lose time, this is not a problem because all you need to do is to adjust the length of the pendulum and that’ll fix it.

Having spent a lot of money on a Brookwood grandfather clock, its care and maintenance will be very important to you. Oiling and cleaning at regular intervals will keep your valuable timepiece running smoothly and increase its life. The oiling procedure is important and you should not oil your clock without finding out exactly how to do it correctly. If you put oil in the wrong places on the clock mechanism you could cause major problems. You only need to have a Brookwood grandfather clock oiled once every two – four years and get a professional clock repairer to give a full clean every five – eight years.

If before the scheduled service time you find that your Brookwood clock is having problems like the chimes sound slow or it’s not keeping the right time, first of all check that it is still standing on a perfectly level surface. I remember the case of a guy whose clock got infested by termites. The clock had a hollow space at the base and some termites had taken up residence! Houses that over time develop cracks in the foundations are vulnerable to termite infestation, so be aware of this, because they could damage your Brookwood grandfather clock beyond repair. If your floor is level and the clock is still misbehaving, it’s a good idea to let a professional have a look at it just to be on the safe side.

It’s also worth mentioning that the very best prices for Brookwood grandfather clocks are to be found online. The online stores don’t have high overheads like local stores and they have a bigger market base, so they can get real good discounts on buying in bulk.

If you’re planning to enhance your home with a Brookwood grandfather clock, I hope that I’ve helped you to get some ideas about the best places to buy for a keen price and how to keep your lovely grandfather clock in mint condition.

write by Edsel

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