The Audi R8 – A True Sports Vehicle

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Built by the German automaker Audi, the R8 has a truly futuristic design which resembles the vehicle featured in the movie I-robot by Will Smith, the only difference is that the R8 is actually able to move (most of the time concept vehicles which are made for movies are only a cool- looking Shells without any real functional feature — not to mention they are incredibly expensive)

This sports vehicle is classified as a mid-engined sports car (all-wheel drive) and it was originally introduced to the market in 2007, since Audi possesses full ownership of the subsidiary Lamborghini they were able to base this car on the Lamborghini Gallardo and it also uses several features found in the Mans quattro concept car.

As far as the pricing goes, the R8 is priced at hundred and EUR160,000 however, in places such as Ireland which has a high VRT the price tag goes down to EUR88,000, in the US the average price of this vehicles of about $106,000, so those who purchase such sports machine know that they are getting top quality and performance which is expected after paying such price.

At the moment this vehicle is only available with one engine configuration which is the 4.2 L V8 FSI, the same engine is also used in the Audi RS4. The transmission is available as a six speed a single-clutch semi-automatic (this is a robotic gearbox) and is also available as a six speed manual.

Even though this vehicle shirts several characteristics and features in common with the Lamborghini Gallardo it is said that only 15% of those features and characteristics are found in both vehicles, this includes the transmission and the chassis however, the exterior, the cabin and the engine are all different — there is a big difference in the price tag as well.

The R8 was named the 2008 world performance car as well as a double winner by Edmund’s inside line and at a New York auto show, this vehicle excels in balance, stability and refinement and its precision is also quite impressive taking in consideration its size and category.

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