Swimsuit Cover Ups – Look Your Best at the Pool or Beach

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Swimming at the pool or beach is a great way to relax. But you also want to look your best whether swimming, sun bathing, or walking to your room. You want a great looking swim suit, but don’t forget a great looking cover up. There are many different types of swimsuit cover ups. So no matter what your body type, you can always look good.

Oversized shirt – You can choose either opaque material or sheer material in many different colors.

Sarong – Cover only the bottom part of your body with a short or long sarong. They come in many different colors, and some even come with beading detail.

Dress – Choose either sleeveless or one with sleeves in cotton fabric. Either a solid fabric or a tropical flower print works well.

Skirt – Short, flirty skirts are very fashionable.

Shorts – A great, practical way to cover up.

Robe – A terry cloth robe is very comfy and always practical. The shorter variety works best on the beach or at the pool.

T-shirt – An oversized t-shirt always works as a last minute option. They are also usually the least expensive type of cover up.

Choose one of the options above, and you’ll be ready for a great time at the beach or pool.

write by Iphigenia

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