Stop Dogs From Chewing – 3 Dead Simple Tips Will That Save Your Favorite Shoes and Furniture!

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A lot of folks out there want to stop dogs from chewing on their favorite items. While many of them scream at their dogs, hit them and use all the wrong methods with no effects whatsoever it is even more scary that they can’t be bothered to investigate the subject and learn more about the reasons for their dog chewing. By taking your time to read this article you are already far ahead of them and will save yourself a lot of nerves and money (on new shoes, clothes and other stuff that your dog might have ‘eaten’).

Why Dogs Chew?

Let’s start with the basics on how to stop dogs from chewing. One needs to understand that chewing is a completely natural element of every dog’s life and cannot be perceived as a bad habit. Some dogs will make it a big part of their life but this is only their owners fault. Dogs learn how to chew when they are puppies and do it mainly because it’s the easiest way to ease the pain and itching associated with the teething period they go through. Other pets will chew out of pure boredom or anxiety and fear. In any case it is possible to redirect dog’s attention from our favorite CDs etc. to toys specifically designed to be chewed and bitten. Beneath is the list of the most effective techniques I know of to stop dogs from chewing.

Stop Dogs From Chewing Tip 1 – What Is This Kong Toy All About?

The best solution on the market to stop dogs from chewing on your stuff are Kong toys which can be stuffed with dog food and snacks. These were designed so that the dog has to work really hard to get the treat out of it and it will usually happen very slowly, piece by piece. Not only will this be a great substitution to your shoes or furniture legs but will also provide your dog with hours of fun during which you will not heave to deal with him barking or biting your hand. When you see your dog chewing something forbidden say firmly ‘no’ and substitute it with his new toy. Remember to praise him when he starts to play with it instead of getting back to the previous item.

Stop Dogs From Chewing Tip 3 – Hide Your Stuff!

Second option I recommend to people who want to stop dogs from chewing is simply to hide some of the things that their dog is regularly stealing or put it somewhere he can’t reach. Remember to close the wardrobe as well and do not give your dog anything like old shoes, socks or t-shirts! This will make things worse as the dog will remember their smell and look for similar things in the future.

Stop Dogs From Chewing Tip 3 – Why Not Using A Bit Of Spices?

Last but not least, you can always use strong smelling substances like garlic or cayenne pepper to stop dogs from chewing. For example, you can cover your furniture legs with tabasco sauce, but before you do make sure that it repels your dog. Punishing the dog by screaming or hitting him is useless and will only make your dog confused and more stressed, resulting in a bigger need to chew on things in order to release the tension.

write by Helga

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