Square Scarves – Trendy Ways to Wear Scarfs!

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Square scarves are ideal accessories to enhance any look. They come in various fabrics, designs and shapes such as triangle, rectangle and square. How you wear a scarf largely depends on its size and shape. Here are several fashionable ways to wear square scarves:

1. Starting with the simplest way, all you need to do to dress up your outfit is to take an oversized square scarf and fold it into half to make a triangle. Then, roll it loosely and just drape over your shoulders. You can wear the scarf this way over a tank top or underneath a jacket.

2. Another easy way to wear a square scarf is to wear them like a tie. Again, start by making a triangle with the scarf by folding it down the middle. Then, roll the scarf loosely to make a long piece of cloth. Drape this long scarf around the neck and tie like you would an ordinary neck tie but keep it loose.

3. A variation of this rolled scarf is the twisted scarf, which can be used as a belt. Simply twist a large square scarf to make a rope and tie this around the waist. You can keep everything neat by tucking the ends underneath the scarf. You can also make a large bow out of a square scarf which would look cute tied around the neck or even to a purse.

4. To update the traditional way of wearing square scarves around the neck, tie your scarf cowl-neck style. Lay a large scarf on a flat surface with the reverse side up. Next, bring the diagonal ends together and tie into a square knot. Place the knot in the center on top of the scarf. Take the other ends and tie them a little lower than the back of your neck.

5. Square scarves also make great wraps for the hair, head or shoulders. To make a head wrap, you also need to fold the square scarf diagonally so you would have a triangle. Then, lay the long side of the triangle scarf across the forehead and bring the ends to the back and tie them at the nape over the point of the triangle.

6. To make a shoulder wrap, just take the square scarf and fold it diagonally. Then, drape the scarf around the shoulders and tie the ends in front into a square knot. You can adjust the knot so it’s a bit off to one side for a more interesting look. You can use decorative brooches to fasten your scarves or rings to keep the ends together. 

write by Kieran

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