Sport Mascot Designs and Their Impact on Sports Teams

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The idea behind mascots is to select something for a competitive team, an animal, person or thing that is somehow supposed to bring the team good luck. It is not always about emulating the traits the selected mascots embody, although that may be the origins. It’s easy to see why a football team might want to call itself the Rams or the Tigers, but sport mascot designs include a wide range of things, even colors.

It may be more accurate to consider that the mascot is something to rally around, something that brings the community in closer association with the team. It’s a way for the fans of the team to identify with the players on the field. School colors work in much the same way. If the team has selected an animal like a cougar as its mascot, then you are likely to see all manner of representation of cougars for the fans. From shirts to jackets and shoes to key chains, the image of the cougar marks those who carry or wear them as fans that support that team.

Some might consider it simply a clever marketing ploy, one facet of sports promotion. Revenue generated from the sale of mascot emblazoned trinkets and gear provides a means to defray the cost of travel and equipment for the team itself. Alumni are certainly another source of revenue, and they absolutely love their mascots. It is from the alumnus, that usually seen a more extreme form of mascot collection.

The mascot seems to be more than just that, the commercial side pales when compared to the motivational possibilities. The mascot doesn’t just give team a name, It gives them an identity. Even when they’re not practicing on the field were actually playing a game is not unusual for the players to wear the jacket’s emblazoned with their mascot everywhere. It becomes a part of their persona, who they are.

Likewise, fans absolutely love to wear jerseys like the ones the players sport on the field. The more closely they resemble the actual jerseys, the more coveted they are. Fans even choose their favorite player, and wear jerseys with their players name emblazoned on the back. It is a show of camaraderie and belonging.

For many universities, the mascot is a part of the history and culture of the school, deeply ingrained in the student body. The mascot along with the trophies in the glory case proudly displayed in the ministration buildings even play a role in recruiting. Ironically, the exact history of the mascots has been long lost. But no matter every school will have a story behind its mascot. The United States Air Force Academy is a reasonably young university, and he chose as its mascot the falcon. That they selected a bird is probably not a surprise because the falcon because it is known as the fighter jet of the avian world.

But not everything about mascots is without controversy. Names and references to items, religious practices and tribes of Native Americans have long caused friction. In 2005, the incidental aseptic for how they use of these mascots. They may be detained is a Native American symbol or name as a mascot from participating in a championship game under their jurisdiction.

One of the effective universities with Florida State, whose mascot, the Seminole, named after the Seminole tribe of the southeastern United States, would make them ineligible, threatened to sue the NCAA. What made this conflict interesting is the Seminole tribes within Florida loudly supported FSUs use of the icon. Seminole tribes outside of Florida were very much against it. It’s a clear example of the emotions sport mascot designs can generate, which is precisely what they are suppose to do.

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