Shark Tales Birthday Party For Kids who Love Shark Tales The Movie, Then This Is Perfect!

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When determining a theme for your child’s special day, you should consider a Shark Tales Birthday Party! Shark tales party gear is easy to find and sure to please. Most of the items you need will be easy to locate if you want to purchase them and easy to make if you are feeling crafty.

Invitations are easy to make, if you want to make them yourself! Just copy pictures of sharks onto the front of the invitations, which can be made by folding construction paper in half. Print the words, “Swim with the Sharks!” on the outside, a photo of the birthday child wearing shark goggles and fins on the inside, along with all the relevant party information.

To decorate the party area, you can create a balloon banner spanning the doorways, paste up tropical fish pictures, and play the Shark Tales theme song in the background. The best colors to use in the decorations are blue, yellow, and lime green.

For a perfect Shark Tales tablescape, cover the table with a Shark Tales table cloth and use clam shells and new sand pails and shovels as serving dishes. These can be placed in piles of brown sugar to mimic sand, and tie appropriately colored balloons to the chair backs.

Have Shark Tales coloring pages ready for an easy arrival activity, so the guests will be occupied while everyone arrives. When everyone is present, let each child decorate a T-shirt. A great idea is to have tissue between the front and back to prevent paint bleed, and when the guests are ready, wet sponges with multiple colors of paint and allow guests to dip shells into the paint and press onto their T as decoration.

Bake a fishy cake by using to standard round pans and a cake mix or recipe you like. Cover cardboard with foil and use as a platter. Put one cake round on the platter and cut the remaining layer into fishy fins and a tale, and fit them against the body. Frost blue, and make fins, a mouth, and eyes with decorating gel. The tray can even be frosted with a lighter blue or green frosting to make it appear the shark is in water.

You can cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into fish shapes, and serve them to the hungry seafarers for an easy party menu.

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