Selecting Shirts That Will Make You Look Your Best All Through the Year

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The design of the casual shirt collar allows for wearing it with an open collar. Dress shirts also have different designs on their collars and cuffs meant to match with the jacket that one will wear them with. Men usually wear these shirts formally and they are therefore an important piece of clothing for all men. They are also the most affordable and make a major contribution to the accessories owned by a person.

When selecting the shirts to buy, one should put a few things into consideration. One is that the shirt should be a comfortable fit and allow for movement. The other important thing to consider is the color or the shirt and the fabric used to make it. Selecting colors that will blend with the season or work environment is a good consideration. The shirts you choose should also match with your complexion so that you will look good in them. There are numerous colors to choose from but if you are not sure that they will match with say your skin or hair color, you may stick to clear colors such as white or blue.

When selecting which material to buy, you should have shirts that will be comfortable for all seasons. This for example, calls for selecting cotton shirts for warm seasons such as summer. If you were to put on a nylon shirt in such a season, you would be very uncomfortable. The fabrics appropriate for such a season are silk or cotton for they allow air to circulate easily. During the summer, you should wear shirts that have light colors to keep much of the sun’s light away. A perfect color for this season is white for it reflects light. Another good color to choose for wearing during summer is blue. For the spring season, it would be best to choose shirts with colors that match with the surrounding spring growth. The best colors for this season are light colors and pastels such as pastel blue or light purple.

The shirts for this season will look good on you if they are checked or striped but not with very dark stripes. When selecting shirts for the fall season, the fabric should be heavy to guard from the cold weather especially in the early morning and evening. The best fabric for this season is cotton or silk and the colors should be a bit darker. You can choose red, green and other earth colors such as brown. As for the winter season, it is important to get shirts that will prevent warmth from escaping from your body.

The material should be heavy and the colors dark. A good example of a shirt to wear in the winter season would be a flannelled or oxford shirt for they will keep you warm even though you still need to wear jackets. The colors to wear during this part of the year include black, grey, green and brown. Buying shirts for all seasons and getting them from your wardrobe at the right season will keep you looking your best and comfortable all through the year.

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