Sciatic Nerve Treatment – 4 Everyday Things That Can Cause a Flare

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Sciatic nerve pain, it can be a bear. One of the biggest things about sciatica is feeling like you never know when it is going to strike. Some of you might be lucky, you may have ‘sciaticadar’, a kind of inner gut feeling that lets you know trouble is on it’s way. For most of us, we have no idea when the next sciatica sneak attack will be. So out of our library of tips for sciatic relief, we put together four everyday things that can cause a sciatic flare:

1. Driving – Sunday car rides are fun and relaxing, but if you commute, you might really want to think about paying someone else off to take the wheel. All the leg action between the gas and break pedal can create sciatic nerve pain. The more hectic your drive is, the more leg action you need to ‘keep up the pace’ with other cars. The more leg action you do, the more likely you are to upset the sciatica beast within…it’s a vicious cycle.

2. Watch that floor – And the winner for worst floor is…..Concrete. If you absolutely positively cannot avoid it, try to limit your time on concrete floors to 30 minutes or less, (More tips for sciatic relief – Carpets are best, wooden is the next best thing, and tile is not so great. But remember, concrete floors are your new mortal enemy).

3. Sit up straight – You heard it growing up and now you get to hear it again – lucky you. Posture is a big deal. Slouching can cause pressure on the spine which causes…you guessed it, sciatic nerve pain.

4. High Heels – This is for you ladies out there. If you prance around the office, or Manhattan, wearing high heeled shoes, you are basically dooming yourself to a sciatic flare. Any shoe where your feet are not flat and straight is a shoe that you don’t want to spend too much time in.

write by Ambrose

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