Rick Owens, Designer From the Darkside Whose Luxurious Clothing Is a Treat to Behold

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Rick Owens is an incredible designer. He comes from California but now lives in Paris with his wife. He studied art but then turned his hand to pattern cutting. After studying this for a couple of years he began his own collection. And what a cult he has become! His designs are usually quite clean, yet with wrap and drape. He has three lines to the collection: the main line which is famed for its leather jackets and knits. Lilies which is nearly all jersey type fabric, close fitting to the body and often twisting as you wear it. And DRKSHDW, which is an abbreviation for Dark Shadow, which is the denim line.

His color palette is made up of mostly dark hues or white. The dark shades range from colors such as black, dark shadow, horse lung, sand and stone. His jeans are often finished with an oily dirty look. He also designs amazing footwear and bags. His leather converse style high top is fantastic.

The typical Rick male customer may wear either his drop crotch trouser which are cropped above the ankle, his high tops and a long long sleeve t shirt, with a bomber. Or a similar look with the jeans. There is slight alien like touch to Rick’s style with some of the belt ties resembling alien tails! His typical female customer wears ripped, torn, beautifully cut knitwear and leather jacket. In fact his leather jackets are probably his most famous and desired pieces.

Rick Owens has influenced many designers in fact when I recently met new, young famed designer Alexander Wang he was in fact wearing a Rick T Shirt!

write by Rowan

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