Putting Together A RoboCop Costume

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RoboCop has not lost much of his popularity as the years have gone by and, even now, children are choosing this as their costume of choice when Halloween comes around. Putting this costume together is not as tricky as it seems and if you do not want to go out and hire it, it is possible to put a RoboCop costume together yourself.

The legs are the first item that you will need to build. The legs should be silver so you will need two stiff pieces of cardboard and some spray paint. You will then need to spray the boards silver and wait for them to dry. When they are dry, you will need to fold the board to that the ends meet. Attach the ends using glue or a staple gun so that they form cylinders.

The cylinders should slip over the child’s legs. Make sure that you have four cylinders for each section of his or her legs otherwise he or she will not be able to bend them. You will then do the same for the arms. These cylinders should also be spray painted silver.

A silver shirt can be worn over the torso just like the body armor of the original RoboCop. Once you have completed these parts of the outfit, you will need to complete the rest of it by concentrating your efforts on the head, hands and feet. These can be a bit tricky but many of the items that you need can be found in your very own home.

Black, rubber gloves should be worn over the hands. You can purchase these at your local retailer or simply spray kitchen gloves with black spray paint. Boots can be worn on the feet but they too have to be silver. You might want to spray black boots with the silver spray paint but, if you are afraid of ruining them, simply leave the boots black.

The helmet is a bit trickier, since it has to be silver and it also has to have the trademark slit across the eyes. The helmet will complete the look of the outfit and the only remaining item left to add will be the gun. Make sure the gun is big and looks imposing but it should also be harmless. When you allow the child to carry one of these items, make sure that it does not shoot plastic bullets as even these can cause injuries.

Make sure that all of the outfit preparations are done well before Halloween. You will need to give the paint time to dry and you will also need to make sure that all of the parts fit. If something goes wrong and you are well prepared, you might have time to solve the problem before the big night.

If you do not want to go through all of the trouble to make the outfit then you can simply hire it. Many costume stores still stock this item because it has remained popular throughout the years. Even if the children are not wearing it, some grown ups are always going to want to dress up as their favorite hero at Halloween.

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