Planning Your Perfect Wedding – Hot Summer Days and Hot Summer Weddings

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Summer’s heat can be a challenge for brides and grooms and their perfect weddings. You can take that challenge on, if you want, and make it work for you.

You could just get married inside, wedding ceremony, wedding reception and all, and crank up the air-conditioning. In that case the only people who will notice the heat will be the smokers!

Or you can admit it will be summer and plan accordingly. Embrace the warmth and the abundance it offers.

  • Time of Day: Take advantage of the cooler times of day. Get married in the morning, or after 6. Don’t sit out in the grueling sun.
  • Sunshades: Put up a tarp so no one sits in the sun. One couple rented parasols; they were fabulous and a big hit. Buy or make fans for your crowd. Invite people to wear sun hats. Use umbrellas over the tables. Put tables up under trees. But make sure there’s a place to escape the direct sun.
  • Wedding Party Clothing: Give up the black tuxes. There was a reason for Dinner Jackets. Have the men wear light suits or even great white shirts and vests. Find cotton or linen garden dresses for the bridesmaids. Choose a wedding dress that is cool. No need for a heavy train outdoors! Find great hats to keep the sun off your faces. Your wedding can be fabulous even if it’s not formal!
  • Wedding Ceremony: Point to summer as the outward time of celebration. Summer offers so many opportunities for metaphors of abundance: flowers, peaches, picnics.
  • Wedding Vows: Pledge to enjoy and take advantage of the seasons in life and in marriage.
  • Food: Go simple and go light! The best summer foods are cooling. Serve cold sliced meats and good salads. Or grill meats in the cool of the day to be served here. Serve small portions. Ice down a buffet and let people eat as they wish.
  • Wedding Cake: My friend Gisele, who’s a chef, will probably kill me for this, but consider an exotic ice-cream cake. Or serve big bowls of fruit with homemade vanilla ice cream and ice cream wafer cookies. Keep the food really light and have your “cake” be short! Serve strawberry shortcake heavy on the berries. One couple I know had the most amazing mango mousse cake. It was so light and covered with mounded gelatin fruits. YUM!
  • Drinks: Go light on the alcohol; it just makes you hotter. Serve punches or sangrias. Put out pitchers of lemonade and ice tea.
  • Activities: Skip a band. Or have a small group play soft chamber or folk music. Play horseshoes. Talk to people. Relax. Watch the fireflies when they come out.
  • Flowers: Celebrate abundance with loads of garden flowers.

Keep your celebration light and fun. Let go of formality. Use summer’s bounty to reflect your abundant love and joy. Make your wedding a lot of fun, pack it with fun activities that you can repeat throughout your marriage. Doing your summer wedding this way will engage your community on your wedding day and throughout your relationship. How sweet would it be, if every time someone at a bowl of strawberry shortcake they raised a spoonful to your marriage! It can happen to you!

write by Deanna L Porter

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