Pink by Nature – Women Prefer Pink As a Colour of Choice

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Why is it that people buy pink clothes and pink toys for girls and blue for boys? I believe as tiny children we do not have a color preference, certain colors are pushed on to us by our elders. People buy pink clothes and pink toys for girls and blue for boys. So we are programmed from an early age. However as we get older we do have a choice and invariably girls and young women still prefer shades of pink. Product makers have latched on to this pink preference and produce many goods in differing shades of pink.

The mixes of certain colours that compliment pink and blend well to form other colours enhance the saleability of pink. I believe, that since the forties the manufacturing world has decided that women prefer pink as a colour of choice, not always strawberry blancmange pink however. There are many shades of pink, some even quite masculine.

There have been quite a few studies as to why and which colors are preferred by males or females. I believe, with the influence of the internet and World Wide Web, whatever experiment you attempt the die is cast worldwide. Girls all over the world are leaning more and more towards Pink and boys towards the more extreme shades of pink, the darker mixes.

With the colours of red, white and blue for instance, many shades can be produced. This you can see in the production of electronic communication devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players and laptops. To me, women are extremely good communicators anyway, so to target this market is a highly sensible thing to do for any manufacturer of these devices.

Teenage boys these days are a little more adventurous than their moms and dads age group in their attitude towards pink; you can see this in the clothes they wear, for instance, pink tee shirts, pink ties and shirts, even pink trousers, they seem to have accepted pink as just another colour to be worn by anyone, if they so choose.

It always amused me in England in the sixties, at the time of the tough Teddy boy era. These rough, tough guys, all greased back hair, Drape Coats and bike chains, used to wear “shocking pink” socks along with their black thick soled beetle crusher shoes. I suppose you could say, I was tickled Pink, Lol.

The use of color, it is said, can shift energies into your environment. According to Feng Shui, Pink is the universal color of love. Its gentle feng shui vibrations are said to soothe ones behaviour. A surge in support for women’s problems in the last few years, mainly breast cancer, has sparked this acceptance by men to wear Pink more often and that’s not a bad thing. Whatever the trends of men and Feng Shui, women will always feel better and look better with pink in their lives. I don’t think we should meddle too much with this.

write by carlos mejia

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