Picking The Right Lingerie for Your Gal

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Ok Jim, you have convinced me that lingerie is a perfect gift for my gal, but I don’t know diddly squat about lingerie. How do I know what she likes? How do I know what size she is? How do I pick the right lingerie for my gal? (If I haven’t convinced you, you probably haven’t read my article ” Lingerie an Intimate Gift for Two” also published here at Ezine)

Hey don’t worry, I can help you, I am in the business. I will teach you how to pick stunning outfits that fit your gals figure and personality. Now you will find plenty of articles out there that talk about choosing lingerie. They talk about different types of lingerie, they may even talk about getting the right size. I will tell how to do that, AND match her personality, something many of these articles leave out.

Lets start with the basics. Size first. If you already know your girls size you are way ahead of the game. If you are like most guys, you don’t have a clue. One method is to ask your lady’s mother, sister, or best friend. They most likely go shopping together and already know each others sizes. “How do I ask a question like that of my mother-in-law”? Well, you can phrase it something like this “Mom (or whoever), I am trying to pick (your gals name) up something special, but I need some information. What size dress does she wear? What size are her bust? (you may already know that, even if you don’t know the rest) Is that dress Size considered small, medium, large, x-large, xxl etc..? What size shoes does she wear? ” Write the answers down.

Another method and, I prefer this method because you get an idea of her taste too, is to take your gal clothes shopping. “But I never go shopping with her” just tell her you have something to pick up too, and maybe you can go together. Then all you have to do is take note of what she tries on. If you can’t tell what size outfits she tried on, just ask the clerk guarding the dressing room while your gal is inside, or offer to pay for it (you can always say your in a hurry to get out of there, she will believe that) and look at the tags when you go to the register.

“Ok, I have her sizes, now what”? We still need to know more about her shape. This is very important. Lingerie is used to highlight what she has, pretend she has something she doesn’t or hide something she doesn’t like. Questions we have to answer are:

  • Does she have a big butt? If so, does she like it or hate it?
  • Are her breast big, or small? If big, is she proud of them? Do they droop?
  • Does she have a big stomach? Does she have stretch marks? Does she have great abbs?
  • Does she have great legs, or is there a lot of cottage cheese?
  • How do the back of her upper arms look?
  • How about her neck, is it a turkey?

I know these are some tough questions, and some of you may be laughing, but you have to ask yourself these question in order to accomplish your mission. By the way, I DO NOT recommend writing those questions down- you don’t ever want her to find that paper. Just keep them in mind as you look at lingerie. If it’s something she doesn’t like, you are going to want something that covers it, if it’s something she is proud of, then you want something that will show it off. If it’s something she wishes she had, you need something with padding, or pushup effect in that area, or it just might need extra support if it has just fallen.

“Ok, I have her sizes, and I know what she wants to hide or show, now what?”

We still have to figure out what style fits her. Hopefully, if you’re buying lingerie for a gal, you know something about her. Yep, you guessed it, more questions:

  • How often does she wear dresses? -If often then we can look at gowns or lacy things.
  • Does she wear shorts a lot? If yes- Thongs and boy shorts are options.
  • Is she strictly a blue jeans and t-shirt girl?- If yes, then we don’t want anything too frilly.
  • Does she like flashy or sparkling things? – If so, then a sparkling material will be nice.
  • Does she like wearing leather?- If so this open a wide range of idea’s
  • What type of music does she like? – If rock, or punk- Look into the leather or vinyl options, if Country, or rhythm and soul, look into traditional types.

Now you should be armed with enough knowledge to go shopping… Huh?.. No? Still confused? No problem, just walk up to the sales clerk, look them in the eyes, and tell them the answers to the above questions. Don’t be afraid that is why we have sales clerks. Or, go to my web site, click contact us, type in the answers to the above questions, and Edie and I will pick out a few outfits for you to consider and email the pictures, discriptions, and links back to you. Hey, thats what I’m here for.

write by Aylmer

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