Pattern Review – Simplicity 5098 Pattern Review

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Pattern Rating: Four Out of Five Stars
Difficulty Rating: Two Out of Five

I recommend this pattern with these changes: When selecting your size do not go by the sizing in the back of the pattern; look at the finished measurements for the bust, which are printed on the bodice front pattern piece. Select a size that gives you approximately 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 inches of ease, (for example, I am a size 10, I made this shirt in a size 6).

Then look at the back of the pattern; if your waist is more than two inches larger than the size you have selected, you will have to cut the pattern out on your desired size, (with 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 inches of ease), at the pattern bust, and a larger size, (that is listed on the back of the pattern as no more than two inches smaller than your waist), at the pattern waist.

To cut a shirt out on two different sizes draw a cutting a line with a slightly inverted curve from your desired size at the pattern bust to your desired size at the pattern waist. It is important to draw your new cutting line before cutting your shirt out. I am an experienced seamstress, and I still have trouble making new cutting lines go just were I want them to without drawing them on my pattern before taking scissors to it. Make sure and use a pen that will not bled through your pattern and onto your material.

I recommend sewing this shirt in a brocade, or a similarly thick formal-looking fabric. I made this shirt once in view E, and twice in a revised version of view C.

write by Egan

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