Men: Top 7 Tips Dressing for an Interview

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What are the top tips for men in dressing for an interview, or any important business occasion. Here is a rundown:


1. Dress appropriately for your industry. This can mean pressed khaki trousers and button down oxford shirt if you are applying for a customer service position. Or wool gabardine trousers, pinpoint shirt and coordinated sport coat for a non-financial on the road sales job. A dark suit, white shirt and conservative (non-whimsical) tie will work for most “white collar” positions – especially those in the legal or financial realm. Last, for the top executive, its all about the details; best fit, best fabric, best grooming, accessories and shoes.


2. Dress appropriately for your body. This means wear clothing that fits you correctly – and you need to look twice! Do your shirt cuffs show a bit from under your jacket? Do your trousers pool or “break” over your shoe? Does your suit strain or pull anywhere? Does it follow the natural line of your shoulder? Further, do you wear colors that harmonize with your own natural coloring? Wearing colors that “suit” you makes you look alive and vibrant – others can make you look drawn and tired. Get a color consultation done to find out which do what to your skin tone.


3. Show respect for yourself. Ensure the details; your shirt should be right from the cleaners – crispy and pressed. Your suit has been closely inspected for stains, and definitely for stray hairs, yours, female or feline! Dare I mention dandruff? In that area, your hair has been cut recently or at least a neck clean up of the scruff has been eliminated. Your shoes are polished. Nails are clean. Glasses are washed, teeth are brushed, insert breath mint. NO smoking before the meeting.


4. Meet and exceed the emotional expectations of your interviewer, client or superior. What does that mean? Well, think about who they are, what they value, what are they looking for in you? Do they want someone powerful to step in like Master and Commander? Do they want someone who is approachable and will make easy connections with their clients? Each type and all the variables between can be influenced by the colors you choose, the lines of pattern you choose, and the formality of the garments you select. And that is what a personal analysis teaches you how to do – creating visual credentials to meet your goals.


5. Make an excellent first impression. Get there early, cell phones off, wait patiently, no chatting with the receptionist. Greet the interviewer by standing and approaching with a good stride, a relatively firm handshake (yes for women also) and MAINTAIN eye contact as you shake.


6. Display confidence. No matter who you are speaking to, a client, superior or interviewer, they all want to know that you can do the job at hand. And since YOU know you can, feel free to express that in your relaxed and confident tone of voice, body language and thoughtful answers to questions. Fake it till you make it baby!


7. Look attractive. I don’t mean “pretty” – look and act like someone the other person can connect with personally – like someone they would want to know better. Look like you want to be there, have enthusiasm, smile! Try and direct the conversation to safe personal topics of family, pets, vacation, sports – anything to make an inter-personal connection. People buy (products, services or concepts) from those they know like and trust – reach out with warmth like you are JUST that person – and the contract or job will follow!


Surprised that only half of these tips are “clothing” related? That’s because so much of the impressions we give other people are from ALL of our visual cues – body language, gestures, tone of voice all connect with our clothing color, fit and style choices. For maximum impact combine all these elements and you will be way ahead of the pack!

write by Bernice

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