Meditation – The Importance of Meditation Clothing

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What is the most important criteria when buying clothes? Sure style and price matter, but for most parts it is comfort. Clothes are reflective of our personality; we wear different clothes for different activities. Meditation is no different.

The keyword while practicing any form of meditation is comfort; be it posture, place or clothing. Why clothing? Well because during meditation it is vital that the body be totally relaxed. Can you imagine practicing meditation in a pair of jeans? Not difficult, but not too comfortable either.

Meditation clothes are a little different in their style as they as designed after taking into account the degree of comfort and relaxation that is conducive to a successful meditation session. Early practitioners of meditation understood the importance of wearing clothes that would not hamper with the meditation process. That is the reason why the Tibetan and Buddhist monks wore loose fitting robes. Wearing meditation clothes especially designed for meditation enhances the experience.

There are different types of meditation clothing depending on what type or form of meditation you practice. Here is a list of some of the more common meditation clothes:

Yoga Meditation Clothing

The yoga clothing is of a soft fabric which is white in color having a long sleeved loose top and a loose pant. This is to optimize the comfort level while practicing yoga.

However the modern yoga practitioners use a clothing style which is body hugging as it does not hamper while performing some of the more acrobatic asana.

Zen Meditation Clothing

Zen robes acknowledge the commitment to living a life in the presence of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), the teacher (Buddha) and the Sangha (spiritual community). Usually the robe is composed of the Jubon, a form of shirt and serves as a layered undergarment which is worn under a Koromo (Lay Zen robe) or sitting jacket, and the Hakama, which is a full-length Japanese Zen sitting skirt worn by men or women. The skirt is double pleated front and rear that allows ample room for cross-legged sitting or kneeling.

Tibetan and Nepalese Meditation Clothing

This meditation clothing is usually worn with a Chuba, which is like a long skirt usually made of silk, and a Tibetan meditation shirt, which can either be long sleeved or sleeveless and made of silk and rayon, sometimes it is worn under a Zen Tibetan meditation shawl.

Other meditation clothes that are commonly used for meditation are the following:


These are lengthy shirts that are commonly used for simple meditations. Indian kurtas are big knee length long sleeved shirts that are loose and comfortable to wear when meditating.

Samu Jacket

These are worn by those who practice Zazen, often worn with jubon underneath.


This meditation clothing is usually worn under a kimono to give a more polished look and to prevent frequent kimono washing.


This is a traditional monk’s robe with seven pleats. It is worn over a kimono and jubon.

There are many other styles and designs of meditation clothing for various meditation practices. However the one common factor among the different forms of meditation clothes is the practicality and comfort that they offer while meditating.

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