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Medieval knight costumes can help you look like a hero this Halloween, that is of course if choose the shining armor version. There are many types of knight costumes to choose from, many of which we will take a look at in this article. Thanks to the variety of the costume, they are becoming more popular every year by both boys and men alike. No one really knows what it is about swords and armor that bring out the warrior in men, but it sure is fun to act like it one night out of the year.

Medieval Knight Costume

Knights are the things of legend, and when a boy or a man puts on one of these costumes, they feel like true warriors. They pretend like they are a part of the knights of Camelot, kings of the realm. They are invulnerable in their armor, and equipped with swords and shields, they can take on the whole block and get all the candy they deserve.

Medieval knight costumes come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are fitted for both men and boys. One of the more popular styles is the Black Knight, a costume that sells fairly cheap and comes with a pair of black pants, black armored chest-piece, shoulder pads and gloves. There is also a helmet that has a horn on top that you can wear along with it. There is also the Knight in Shining Armor costume. This comes with a complete suit that looks like plate armor and even includes a helmet and sword.

Medieval Knight Helmet

There are other types of these costumes like chainmail outfits that come with a shirt and pants that resemble the chainmail early knights often wore. These also come with a hood you can wear that makes you look even more invincible. Other costumes like this include boots that look like plate armor, and other pieces like gloves, chest-pieces, swords and axes. When most of the costumes you are looking to wear do not include these things, it is best to take a trip down the toy aisle for a few accessories.

Buying accessories like swords, helmets, shields, capes and more will really bring the medieval knight costume together. If you’re dressing up as a knight to wear to the Halloween party, be sure to rescue the damsel in distress. You’ll not only have an excellent costume to walk around in, but you’ll also have the woman at your side to prove just how mighty you really are.

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