Man Boobs FAQs

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Man boobs can be a source of embarrassment and can lower the self-esteem of any men. This disorder is more spread than you could think due to the many possible causes. There are also many ways to treat them, reduce them or get rid of them. Read on to have an answer to everything you ever wanted to know about men’s breast but were afraid to ask.

What are man boobs?

They are a disorder for which men develop large breast, similar to women’s one.

Which is the medical term for man boobs?

Doctors refer to it as gynecomastia (women’s alike breast) or pseudogynecomastia.

Which is the difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is due to hormone imbalance. Pseudigynecomastia is due to obesity or overweight.

Which are the main causes?

There are two main causes: hormone imbalance and overweight. Other causes can be drug related, inappropriate diet or even prostate cancer.

Which is the hormone related to gynecomastia?

The hormone responsible for moobs (another way to call boobs in men) is estrogen. Men produce much more testosterone than estrogen. If, for any cause, more estrogen is produced, one of the effects is that the breast grow.

I’m a teenager, how can I get rid of moobs?

Teenagers go through severe hormone changes, and that’s a cause for gynecomastia. However, as soon as the hormone balance again, moobs will disappear by themselves, there’s no need to do anything.

I am not a teenager anymore and I still have man boobs. How can I lose them?

If you’re overweight, go on diet and exercise a lot. Loosing weight will help you to lose your breast.

Which kind of exercise is the most effective to reduce pseudogynecomastia ?

Aerobic exercise converts fat into energy and therefore is the best exercise to get rid of moobs. Walking, jogging, step and skiing are all good examples of aerobic exercise.

Is hiding my boobs a good temporary solution?

If while you are looking for a definitive solution or waiting for the hormone imbalance to end you could try to hide your man boobs. There are several ways to hide man boobs that range from compress them with a men’s bra (sometimes called a “bro”), use a compression garment (also used after liposuction), wear an under armour or the opposite, wich is wear very big shirts two at a time to minimize the man boobs effect.

What if I don’t like exercise and don’t want to go on diet or they’re not effective?

You can undergo surgery. It involves total or partial anesthesia, cutting your chest, mini liposuction of the fat in the chest, readjusting of the skin and possibly repositioning of the nipples.

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