Making Your Own Count Dracula Costume is Easy!

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Dressing up in a Count Dracula costume is quite easy but will require quite a lot of makeup. What I mean to say is that getting the costume and all the other accessories is not difficult but actually appearing as Dracula overall may be a bit of a headache because of all the tiny details involved.

This outfit should preferably be a three piece one. It should consist of a pant and a shirt along with an inner jacket. The pant should be black in color while the shirt must be white. The dinner jacket should be black too. Remember, Count Dracula was always dressed up in formal wear so you’ll need to keep that in mind as you plan your costume.

Now the other main part of the outfit is a long robe with a high collar. The collars should be stiff enough so that you can put them up, as in unfold the collar and keep it pointed upwards with no additional help from you. The robe should be long, almost floor length, black on the outside and red on the inside. And if possible the robe should mostly be velvety to touch.

Make sure that most of the clothing which you buy for your Count Dracula costume is made of cotton so that you do not feel so hot and sweaty all night long. Remember, Vampires don’t sweat! The velvet robe is usually quite heavy so instead of using a robe, if you want to go this route, you can also use a plain black dinner jacket but I would suggest you opt for the robe because that gives everyone a better perception of who you are dressed up as – Count Dracula.

The next thing you need to do is buy a red colored belt to tie around your waist. Instead of the belt, you can also use a wide red colored ribbon. The belt or ribbon, whatever you choose to wear, should be as shiny as possible in appearance and very formal looking. Also, you really need to wear a black colored bowtie to go with your Count Dracula Halloween costume. Remember, the bow tie is an integral part to dressing up as the Count.

Now for the facial makeup. First, you need to have a very pale appearance. So cover your entire face with quite a bit of white powder and then top it off with a little red rouge on the cheeks. You can also thicken your eyebrows with black eyeliner or black paint. Also, remember to use eyeliner for the eyes to make them really stand out.

Another characteristic appearance of vampires in general is their pointy fang like teeth. You can easily purchase one of these fake teeth sets for about $2 or so at any costume store. These come in plastic and can easily be put in and removed from your mouth. Do make sure that these are as white as possible. And if you want to go for something even nicer, there are many kinds of fangs available online that are almost dentist caps quality.

Now the next thing is to paint the sides of the mouth to look as if blood were dripping from it. Just use a little red fake blood and make sort of drop like marks in succession from the sides. Four to five drops of fake blood would easily suffice. As for the Count Dracula costume, I am sure you probably already own a white shirt and black pants and all the rest can be bought at a costume store or a second hand store more than likely.

So, what’s left? Well, let’s clear up the missing pieces. If I were you I would think about things like shoes. As for the shoes, black dress ones would do perfectly – or any dark color would do but I think black would be most formal. Next, what about your hair? Easy enough? Guys, to appear as close to Count Dracula as possible then your hair must be pulled back completely. Best of all, give your hair one of those mob looks. Use hair gel to hold your back in place, combed back from your face and as close as possible to your scalp. Perfect!

Lastly, at most of the costume stores, online or off, you can also just buy a complete Count Dracula costume, but this will be a more expensive option up front. But the best part of this is that you probably will get just about everything you need to appear as Count Dracula all in one step – without all the searching from store to store. So this method is a huge timesaver!

So, there, you are now ready to easily create your own Count Dracula costume. And to break it down, just remember that you have two basic choices on getting started – you can buy a pre-done Count Dracula costume which saves you time, but costs a bit more up front, or you can create a Count Dracula Halloween costume based on what items you already own or can easily borrow and then buy the pieces needed to complete the costume.

Finally, I hope that the tips above are helpful to you in creating your very own Count Dracula costume. Not only is Count Dracula a wonderful costume to wear but since vampires are so popular right now you’ll be both on top of the trends as well as ahead of them by wearing a costume that depicts the leader in this genre! If you love horror and movies then you couldn’t do better than dressing up as Count Dracula. Happy Halloween!

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