Make Your Wardrobe Complete With Espadrille Shoes

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No wardrobe is complete without the right pair of shoes, which compliment the dresses worn for different occasions. The footwear which matches well with both formal and casual outfits is the espadrille shoes. By wearing these shoes you can create a unique fashion statement of your own for this season. Apart from being a fashionable shoe, these shoes are also very much comfortable.

Espadrilles are basically casual flat shoes. These shoes originated in Pyrenees. They have a cotton or canvas upper and a flexible sole made up of rubber or rope material. The jute rope sole is the main characteristic feature of an espadrille. This is the distinguishing feature of these shoes. Just a look at the sole and you will know that these shoes are none other than espadrilles.

Espadrille is a French word. These shoes have been manufactured in Catalonia since the fourteenth century. You can still find a number of Catalan shops manufacturing the espadrille shoes. Traditionally, the uppers of these shoes are made of canvas and have their toes and vamps cut into one piece and seamed to the rope soles at the sides. The laces of these traditional shoes are wrapped around the ankle for holding the shoes securely in their places. Traditional espadrille is worn by both men and women. Today, the market is flooded with designer espadrilles, which are manufactured mainly in Spain and Bangladesh. You can find a wide variety and styles of these shoes for women. However, this doesn’t mean that men’s designer espadrilles are not available in the market.

Now, let us discuss about the different parts of the designer espadrille shoes available today in the market. The soles of the designer espadrilles are generally made of synthetic fibre or natural fibre rope. Flexible synthetic materials are also used for making the soles of these shoes. The espadrilles are generally flat but sometimes come up in heels like wedged shaped heels or platform heels. The uppers are made from different types of material. The shoe may have an open toe or a close toe, a closed or open back and may be tied or split on to the ankle with the laces. Various styles of espadrilles are available in the market, from high priced designer footwear brands to inexpensive brands.

There are many designer footwear brands that are manufacturing espadrille shoes for men and women. The names of the popular designer footwear brands include Whirl, Saffron, Rum, Gypsy, Rocket Dog, Toms, Butterfly, Sunny, Blake, Maison, Brooklyn and many others. You can get espadrilles of all these brands best available at the online shoe stores. If you browse the Internet you will come across many websites or online shoe shops that sell these shoes. You just need to find a reputed and reliable shoe shop that will not only deliver quality footwear items to you but would deliver them to you at their promised time. Also ensure to look for a shoe shop that offers return scheme to its customers.

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