Indian Cricket Team T-Shirt: The Hottest Thing Around for Nation Obsessed With Cricket

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Ask a small kid what is your favourite sport? Without a second thought most of the kids speak out CRICKET…Yeah! In spite of Hockey being the national game of the country, Cricket has conquered the hearts of many Indians be it a kid or a senior citizen. Moreover the nation which treats cricket as a religion has always created a lot of buzz and curiosity over Team India’s Jersey.

This is obvious as the whole nation and its cricketing devotees’ eyes glued to the television sets when a new jersey is being launched. Every Indian cricket fan would not spending money over the cricket jerseys and wears it with pride to support their team. This is pretty eminent from the first jerseys launched by team India in the year 1985. Since then, many colour combinations have been tried from time to time. Some have made it to remain in the memories of a cricket fan. And the rest have disappeared in thin air without leaving any trace.

True, and if you remember team India had even a combination of orange and black and also a combination of grey and black as its official jersey for some tournaments in the 90’s. The 1992 world cup jersey saw the first dark blue jersey for team India. And this was changed to light blue very soon after India’s bad performance in the world cup and quick exit. The crowd reacted and blamed the dark blue jersey not to be very impressive. This was soon followed by 1996 and 1999 world cup with team India going for a light blue jersey and opting for yellow as its secondary colour. This made the whole nation talk about the Indian team as “Men in Blue”. Team India’s jersey for 2003 world cup is known to be the best colour combination for a jersey till date. This jersey used a darker shade of blue with the Indian tricolour used very effectively and making it look prominent. This was widely accepted by the crowd and the jerseys were sold like pan cakes and people had to wait for months to get their T-shirts. At present in the Indian cricket team t-shirts; we see a darker version of blue as the major colour and orange to be the secondary colour in the jersey.

Indian cricket team T-shirts have always been popular among the masses. The demand is never ending and everyone wants to wear one while cheering their favourite team or player; whether it’s from the stadium live or at a local sports bar/club. Many major players have tried their hand on designing attractive and eye catching jerseys for the Indian team. Nike has been trying since many years in providing team India with jerseys that are light weight, energizing and frictionless over the grass. Recently we have seen Nike joining hands with Myntra to come out with personalised Indian team jerseys for the fans.

Well for a country like India obsessed with Cricket, the demand for blue Indian jerseys is always on the rise. And with the Indian cricket team performing fantastically well in the last two years under the captaincy of MSD Dhoni, the Indian cricket team T-shirts are surely the hottest thing around.

write by James Brown

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