I’m Single and I’m Loving It

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We all enjoy the love, excitement and company that come with having romantic relationship. Yet, sometimes being in a relationship has drawbacks that have us looking back and wishing we were single. Here I have written important benefits that is why I love being single.

I can save money.

When I was in a relationship, I cannot really help it but to always make myself gorgeous. So I go to hair salons and make my hair smooth, shiny, straight and have a nice cut. Of course, hair salons don’t come cheap. I go to stores to look for comfortable and nice clothes, and even though I can find clothes that are on sale or have red tags, come on, I am still spending some cash. Lastly, I need quality make-up and they don’t come in low prices, unless I want to have my face red because of allergies. But when I am single, I am not that conscious to schedule my time to go out to such stores and salons. I am not that conscious that I wore the same shirt twice in a row. I am not that conscious if I have my make-up on or not.

I have more time for self-improvement.

I spend my time with my family, work, friends, and some time doing stuffs. When I was in a relationship, it was like I have little time for family, for work and friends, no time for stuffs that I like to do and more time for my partner. We go out for dinner, play and have fun but most of the time, talk, talk, talk and talk. But when I am single, geez, it felt like I haven’t been home for years. I realized I missed my family. I have been able to reconnect with my friends and most especially I was able to do stuffs that I love. I was able to read the book I left sitting on my table, I was able to draw and paint some pictures, I was able to be together again with my crew and practice our dance show. I realized that being single is a wonderful time to build and pamper myself!

I can do anything I want, anywhere and anytime.

When I was in a relationship, my actions were limited. Hate to admit, I cannot go out to have fun with my friends having good times without telling my boyfriend first. Worst part, he allows me to go out with my friends provided he will drive me to my friends’ house and pick me up. I love outdoor adventures like zip lining, cave explorations and go out of towns. However, my boyfriend prohibits me from doing such “dangerous” activities telling me he is concerned for my safety, except though if he was with me. I love and appreciate the concern thing but, come on; can I have some fun once in a while?

There are other reasons why being single is good. As for those who say that singleness is a lonely status, to tell you the truth, it is not that lonely at all. You can enjoy being single if you are able to appreciate the benefits you can get from it!

write by Godiva

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