How to Use Dirty Talk With Your Boyfriend Or Husband to Make Your Sex Life So Much Hotter!

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Ok girls. We have all been there. The relationship we are in is amazing, the guy is perfect, but the sex has gotten boring. Paint by numbers has more variety than your sex life. It’s time to do a little Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition. If going out and buying lingerie isn’t your thing, and I know it isn’t mine. I mean seriously, my man tells me I look hotter in a tank top and boy shorts than anything else I wear, so why would I mess with a good thing. So if the appearance of sex isn’t what needs to change, you might want to tweak with the inner workings a little bit.

The next time you are home and your man is at work, watch a little bit of adult entertainment. See what turns you on. Once you start to get a little hot and bothered, call him at work. When he answers, say something dirty. Skip the hello and how are you, and just jump right in. You have him where you want him. He is in a public place, and can’t do one thing about any feelings you may evoke in him. But he can listen. Trust me, when he comes home, it won’t be dinner he wants on the table.

If his job is one where he can’t talk on the phone, you could send a dirty text with a naughty picture. Anything that will be out of the ordinary will work just fine.

Don’t let this become predictable though. If you do this every day at 3:15, then it will lose effectiveness. Try different things out. Call one day, e-mail another. Leave a voicemail on his cell phone. Hide a dirty note in his pants, and then later in the day, send him an e-mail and tell him to check his pockets. Be as creative as you possibly can be.

Once he gets home, repeat one thing that he would have seen or heard at work to bring him back to thinking about how hot and bothered he was then. Start to take his shirt off in the kitchen or living room, keep saying things that you said earlier. Eventually he will lose it, and you will have the hottest sex in your life.

Give it a try. You will see just how much fun it can be.

write by castillo

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