How to Tell If He is Flirting With You! Sure Fire Tricks to Know If a Guy is Really Flirting

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Have you ever been surprised when a guy suddenly asked you out and you never had the slightest hint that he even liked you? Do not feel bad if you have a weak radar when it comes to guys’ flirting. However, you need to also know if a guy is actually flirting with you, in order to avoid shocking revelations in the future.

Here are some ways for you to tell if the guy you are talking to is actually flirting.

He flashes his wonderful smile at you-a lot

When you see him smiling at you every time you catch his eye or when he smiles a lot when you two are talking, then you would know that he wants you to notice him. He isn’t just smiling because he has great teeth but he wants to let you know he likes having you around.

He plays with his hair when you two talk

When he is playing with his hair when you converse, this means he is also trying to let you see how cute he is. He wants you to notice him so bad. This touching-the-hair gesture is similar to a woman’s version of flirting by flipping her long hair.

He always stares intently in your eyes

Whenever you engage into a conversation, notice if this guy is looking into your eyes. If he seemingly cannot take his gaze off you, you should know that he likes you a lot.

He gives you plenty of compliments

Notice how much compliments a guy gives you. If he tells you today that he likes your hair, tomorrow he tells you he likes your sweater and then the following day, he compliments you about your excellent answers in class, this should be obvious that he trying to get you to notice him.

He leans towards you

If you two are talking, observe his body language. If his direction is towards you, this is a positive sign of flirting because he wants to be nearer to you.

He isn’t afraid to touch you

This guy likes you if he finds ways for you two to touch. Observe if he casually always puts his arm around you or if he gives you gentle touches on your arm. He wants to feel you and touching is his way of letting you know.

He whispers in your ear, even though the room isn’t full of noise

If you notice that he always whispers in your ear, even though you are in a place wherein you can hear what he is actually saying, then take this as a hint of his flirting. He wants to be close and at the same time, he wants to let you know he likes you.

write by Tracey Napotnik

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