How to Select and Put Together a Great Snow White Halloween Costume

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The Snow White character originated as a Grimm’s brothers fairy tale and was immortalized in the 1937 Disney film Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Since them, Snow white has become a classic image of the princess and represents beauty, love, courage and innocence to a new generation of young girls dreaming of being rescued by their dashing Prince Charming. The Snow white Halloween Costume has remained a mainstay and there are several styles to choose from to suit your personality and mood. Whether you are purchasing one online or using a combination of purchased and made items, here are some tips and guidelines on types of costumes you can choose.

Remember that Halloween is not only for one age group and the Snow White Prestige Adult Costume is one that allows that magical transformation into a princess with style and grace. This Top quality ensemble consists of a blue and white blouse with gold accents and a classic high collar. The dress is one piece with a bright yellow skirt and the look is completed with bow and a red ribbon headband. The wonderful thing about this costume is how versatile it is. It is great for a night out on the town or partying and will last for years to come. You will get many compliments on how much you look like the real thing.

If your mood leans more towards the racy side, there is nothing better than the Sexy Snow White Adult costume. This sensational outfit is highlighted by the storybook dress with a yellow skirt and has an apple applique that centers it. A red and white bondice puts everything together along with a lace up corset and white puffy sleeves. The total fantasy look is completed with a matching headband and a detachable cape.

Finally, no Halloween would be complete without it’s cast of evil characters. As such, the Snow White Evil Queen Costume is one the favorites as her beguiling beauty will have everyone stopping in their tracks. Purple, black and white are the primary colors that make the long gown stand out. There is a cape that attaches to it, a hood with a crown and collar, and a cord sash. The addition of a staff finishes off the look.

If putting together your own version is your preference, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Search for items modeled after the costumes described above. You can make the blue bondice of the dress by cutting off the sleeves of a t-shirt. Puffy sleeves for the dress can be made with blue fabric. A skirt can be made with yellow fabric and then sewn together with the bondice.

Whether putting together your own ensemble or buying one, there are a few items to add to tie everything together. For the hair, a shiny black wig goes great along with the red headband. Snow White shoes are soft and comfortable and let you party all night without running out of gas. For a great look and overall fit, nothing goes better than the invisible bra. Don’t forget your apple and flowers. To add that final touch, try bright red lipstick and use rosy red blush on your cheeks. Anyway you go, the key is to have fun and get geared up for a great time with this classic Disney outfit.

write by Ceridwen

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