How to Learn New Words in a Foreign Language?

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Are you looking for some tips on how to learn new words in a foreign language? You are in the right place! I’m going to show you three simple memorization tricks that will help you learn new words and phrases. Here they are!

1. Image association

The best way to learn new words or phrases is to use image association. It’s simple. Associate a word with an image or a story. The more absurd and the longer they are, the better. For example, here’s a story which helped me to learn how to say “wardrobe” in Spanish (el armario).

Imagine MARIO the Plumber, wearing his red cap and his blue bib overalls. Imagine his ARM with a monkey wrench. However, there is one thing missing – he doesn’t wear his red shirt! He goes to the WARDROBE to look for it.

Simple? I think so.

2. Linkword

This method is based on the similarity of the sounds of words. It’s about creating scenes that will link the words together.

For example, Spanish word for “city” is “ciudad”. If you want to memorize it, you can imagine a young man who is saying SEE YOU DAD because he leaves his home to study in other CITY. This method takes some time, so it’s not so effective if you want to learn a lot of words. However, if you have a problem remembering a certain word, you can try to memorize it using this method.

3. Flashcards

A flashcard is a piece of paper which has a new word in a foreign language on one side and a word in your native language on the other side. How to use a flashcard? Look at the side on which there is a new word in a foreign language and try to guess it. Then, check the answer by looking on the other side. The key is repeating. There are many software programs which will help you create virtual flashcards.

One of these programs is Anki which you can download for free. When you download the program, there will be an application window where you can download card sets made by other people. There are dozens of sets and a lot of languages (Japanese and Chinese too!).

That’s it – three simple tips on how to learn new words in a foreign language. Memorization doesn’t have to be so hard and painful – use these methods (especially image association) and you’ll see it for yourself. Good luck and have fun!

write by Aretha

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