How to Choose an Epic Name for Your Mud Run Team

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Choosing the right team name for your next mud run is a crucial step in ensuring that your mud run is one of the most fun and memorable challenges that you will ever endure. Your team name can signify many things, such as strength, humor, a cause, a place, a company you and your teammates work for, the name of your favorite TV show, a cool band or hero from your childhood, or a hobby you all share. So, start with the basics. Discuss with your teammates some general ideas. There’s a common reason you are on the same team…find it!

A great mud run team name will ring with simplicity, but will stand out from the crowd with its creative edge.

Here’s a few tips on how to build an epic name for your mud run team.

Keep it dirty. After all, this is a mud run you are training for, correct? So a solid approach is to incorporate the idea of mud, running, and uncleanliness into your team name. Nutty Mud Rudders, Dirt Skirts, Mud Runaways are some examples that keep it dirty!

Because the hero lies in you.

An easy way to get yourself a nice retro-sounding name is to think back 10 or 20 years and dig up an old superhero, Wrestlemania star, or cartoon character. Rather than simply name your team after an animated icon, though, you might want to shake it up a bit. Examples include: Hogan’s Vegetables, Batman and Robinhood, Dagwood’s Dirt Diggers.

A rubber band or paperback writer.

How about a band or song title? This is an easy-peasy way to get a sweet name in no-time! I find that Radiohead songs make great, albeit, uncanny team names. Also, country songs and lyrics seem to work well, as do just about any Beatles song, lyric or album. Examples include: Karma Police, A Boy Named Sue, Maxwell’s Silver Hammers.

Would you rather be a family guy, a top gun or a killer tomato?

When using a movie or tv show as the basis of your mud run team name, don’t immediately discount box office flops, as bad movies/shows often make for very amusing team names. Classic movies and shows will give you broad crowd appeal, while sci-fi flicks or some avant-garde titles may make you sound nerdy. Examples include: The Glitters, The Phat Girlz, The Flying Nuns.

Okie from Muskogee.

Where are you from? Use it for your team name to give yourself some local flair and give a nice shout-out to your peeps back home! If you live in a place with a strange or funny name, this works even better. Examples include: Moscow Mudders, Dirty Doghouse Junction Boys, Kissimmee Cougars.

Be yourself.

Do you have a grandiose sense of self-importance and require excessive admiration? Inter-personally exploitative and take advantage of others to achieve your own ends? Do you believe that you are “special” and unique and may only be understood by, or should only associate with other high-status people? Congrats, you are very likely a narcissist, or perhaps a smug punk. Either way, why not use your self-indulgent nature to represent your mud run team? Examples include: Jeff’s Jailbaiters, Harvey’s Hammerheads, Crystal’s Crystalballers.

Topic of the week.

A great reference for current events and trends is, of course, Twitter. Take a look at what’s trending and make it your own. For example, my wife told me that today was the last episode of the All My Children soap, which had a 40-year run. Names such as “Later Kids”, “Bye-Bye Brats”, or “All My Children Left Behind” might work here.

Corporate Creativity.

Frankly, most corporate names aren’t much to write home about. Not to worry, if your goal is to be loyal to your workplace and still maintain a creative edge, just consider the role you and your teammates play at the company and work from there to build your name. For example, if your team’s area is “copyrighting” or “editing”, something like the “Write Stuffers” or the “Pink Ink Blots”. For substitute teachers, try “The Replacements” or “Recess Ramblers”. For the unemployed, try to come up with your very own fake business name.

Astounding Adjectives.

Lacking that creative spirit? No worries! Just jot down a few mediocre adjectives or adverbs to describe you or your team, such as: good, bad, cool, scary, rad, dirty, great, lucky, old, new, etc… You get the idea. Punch in your favorites at and find something with a little more pizzazz. Examples include: Ludicrous Speed Demons, Prodigious Pall Bearers, Flabbergasted Foursome

Hilarious Imagery.

An effective way to get a real fun team name is to simply close your eyes and picture an image or scene that constantly makes you giggle. I suggest you refer to puppies, babies, cute or funny toys, stupid-drunken group activities you used to do in high school or college, circus acts or just about any scene or quote from Dumb & Dumber. A few examples include: Cow Tipping Dwarfs, Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Petey and the Blind Kid.

AH4HA (Acronyms Help for Head Aches)

Acronyms, or as Wikipedia likes to call them, “acronyms and initialisms” are abbreviations formed from the main components in a phrase, name or word. Use individual letters like KISS (Keep it simple stupid!) or parts of words like Nabisco (National Biscuit Company.)

Rhyme time. Rhyming words and syllables is an easy way to lighten up a mud run team name without grinding your gears trying to be creative. A fantastic resource for finding a word that rhymes with ___ is Some examples: Dirty Thirty-Somethings, Beer-Queers, Lickety Cut Skuttle Butts

A picture is a thousand words. One thing to consider as you choose your mud run team name is your t-shirt design. I prefer a minimalist approach here, a simple silhouette or a few words in block letters. Sometimes you might need to illustrate your team name on your mud run uniform for others to actually getthe joke. If this is the case, you might reconsider choosing a name that will resonate in text form as much as it will artistically rendered.

Other meanings. If all else fails, you can always spend a few minutes/hours/days on Urban Dictionary, the best source for finding the pop-culture definitions of words and phrases, rather than the Merriam-Webster ones.

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