How Neckties Can Improve Your Overall Look

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Never underestimate how important it is to look good at all times. The chances are the day that you forget to make an effort is the day that you get caught out. Corporate protocol has been established for good reason as an office that has unkempt and not very well presented workers can lead people to make negative assumptions about the success and the efficiency of the business.

This is why it is so important for you to dedicate a little bit of time every morning to ensuring that you look your best as it will make you feel good too. Never underestimate the importance of your accessories when you are putting together your outfit as this will show that you have paid great attention to detail and know a little about fashion and style.

The necktie is such an important accessory that should never be overlooked when you are putting together your office wardrobe. Even though many offices have now relaxed the rules regarding neckties it should be an item that you never think twice about wearing to a business meeting. Men who don’t wear ties and have open collars do tend to look untidy and not well finished. Men who do wear ties however look professional and well presented. The vast majority of women like seeing men dressed in a suit and wearing a tie.

Neckties come in a variety of styles and sizes so take some time to pick out the ones that you consider suit you best. If you are not sure then why not book an appointment with a style advisor who will be able to look at your skin tone and build and tell you which ties and shirt styles will suit you best. If you are used to picking out plain colored ties why not make a change and pick out one that is a little brighter than the rest. Don’t mix patterns on shirts and ties unless you are really confident and know that you can pull it off. If you really want to jazz up your outfit and look smart then pick out some cufflinks that match your tie. Remember that you will need to own a French cuff sleeved shirt to be able to use cufflinks. Cufflinks are a great addition to any outfit and they are easy use and very collectable once you have a few pairs in your draw. There are cufflinks for every occasion and this means you can even wear them with smart casual outfits. Additionally neck ties can also be worn to with casual outfits and a short sleeved casual shirt. Neckties look fantastic with fitted waistcoats too.

If you have never worn a tie before and are unsure about how to tie one there are plenty of different guides on the net that can help you. Otherwise just ask someone to show you how to tie a necktie and practice in front of the mirror until you get it just right. Remember just wearing a tie isn’t enough, you need to make sure that it is tied well and is not too long so that it hangs past your waist band and not too short so that it is half way up your shirt.

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