How a Custom Embroidered Logo Can Help Market Your Business

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Successful businesses understand that in order to make money, customers need to know about their products and services and how to find them. Because of this, millions of marketing dollars are spent every year for advertising and media exposure. Companies with well known symbols are so successful in part because their names and logos are well-known and easily recognizable worldwide. A good logo is a significant part of your first impression to the customer and can set the standard for your future interactions.

A logo is also an important part of company branding. Because of this, your logo should get the idea of your business across quickly, with unique symbols that connect with your customers on an emotional level. A poorly chosen or unprofessional looking logo can have negative effects on your business marketing strategy.

There are three basics styles of logos. The first is a text-based logo with special effects used on the type to make it different and unique. Subway or Wal-Mart logos are two example of this first kind of logo. The second category uses a graphic that relates to the business it represents such as a guitar for a music store or a broom for a house cleaning service. The last group of logos utilizes abstract graphics, like the Olympic circles or the AT&T sphere, that eventually become synonymous with the business.

Once you’ve chosen a logo, the next challenge is to publicize your new brand effectively, reaching potential customers and, hopefully, your target market. Though there are many ways of accomplishing this, one you may not have considered is custom apparel. When you or an employee is conducting businesses in the community while wearing a shirt or hat that bears your embroidered logo, it’s like having your own advertising agency… for free! Visibility is especially important at a trade show and training class, or when participating in some sort of charity project.

Custom clothing lends an air of professionalism to a business, and imparts a sense of confidence and loyalty to the customer. A crisp ironed button up shirt or a neat polo with your business logo embroidered on the pocket inspires trust in both your business and your employees.

To further maximize your company’s recognition in the community, offer customer or vendor appreciation gifts that carry your logo. Items like tote bags, golfing towels and sporting event blankets are easy items to customize with your business name and logo, and are appreciated by those who receive them.

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