History of Sublime Every Real Fan Should Know

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The most important information about Sublime can be broken into 4 main categories: 1988 to 1991 – the band’s early years, “40 Oz to Freedom” – the band’s break out album, 1996 – Nowell’s death, and post-break up record releases.

Sublime is one of bands that made reggae infusion popular. Founded by Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson, their sound is generally grooved with heavy bass lines and psychedelic guitar solos. Sublime remains popular and influential throughout California and the rest of North America. Read on to know the band’s biographical history:

1988 to 1991 – the band’s early years

Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, together with the band’s future manager, started a three-piece punk band which gave way to the formation of Sublime. Bradley Nowell joined the group at about the same time. Sublime had their first live performance July 4, 1988 which started a local riot in Harbor Peninsula. Through the next couple of years, the band was able to regularly play for parties around Southern California. They were also able to record and release a few demos during their early days.

“40 Oz to Freedom” – the band’s break out album

In 1992, Sublime was able to release an album under the band’s front-man’s record label. They exclusively sold the records during live performances which were usually for parties and clubs around the state. Because of this, the band was able to gather a large following in California. Their song “Date Rape” received great feedback in Los Angeles after it was aired by a certain rock station. The “40 Oz to Freedom” album is the band’s break out record. It gave way for a record deal with MCA records in 1994.

1996 – Nowell’s death

Sublime was able to progressively gain recognition and popularity ratings around the states for several years, especially after Bradley Nowell’s death in 1996. The band was able to finish their third and last album with Nowell before he died of a heroin overdose on May 25, 1996. Their single “What I Got” reached the #1 spot on the Modern Rock Charts following Nowell’s death. The album received a five-time platinum award which led to Sublime’s fame worldwide. However, this huge success is also the last of the band’s musical career as Sublime. Sublime’s remaining members refuse to continue recording and making songs using the same name since Nowell’s death.

Post-break up record releases

After the band’s great success and break up, the remaining members were able to release a few records in memory to Bradley Nowell. A single album was consecutively released year after year. These albums include an acoustic collection in 1998 and a compilation of the band’s greatest hits in 1999.

The remaining members tried to reform the band with a new vocalist. However, this was later denied by the court. Indeed, Sublime died when Bradley Nowell died.

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