Gym Logo Designs – Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Brand Mark

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How important is it for a gym or fitness club to have an appealing brand mark?

Very important!

To explain it further, just ask yourself, would you actually trust a fitness center with your health and body that has a fierce looking tiger with a bone between its teeth in the company symbol?

I highly doubt that!

To make an emblem relatable to the target audience, right images, colors and fonts need to be used.

The main aim of a brand mark should be to create a distinct place for your brand. Since an image is the first thing that a customer notices in a logo, it is important that the pictures you use in the emblem should be different from the crowd.

Below mentioned are a few Dos and Don’ts for crafting an effective brand mark for your fitness center:

• Do Not Use Images Of Human Body:

Try to “Google” “gym logo designs” and you will see that every second image consists of a human body. If every other gym is using this concept in their brand mark, you shouldn’t make the same mistake.


Because how can you expect to create a unique place for your brand when you are using a common and generic concept in your brand mark?

Instead, try using distinctive images. The main message that a gym should convey should be one “fitness and health”. For example, you can use an image of the sports equipment like the dumbbells or treadmills. You can also accompany an image of a dumbbell with an illustration of a heart which will show that you are committed towards providing a healthy lifestyle.

• Use Movement As The Common Theme Of The Image:

Movement and acceleration should be the main theme of the image. For that, you can use 3 dimensional effects for the objects to show speed and momentum.

• Use Thick And Slanted Fonts To Represent Movement And Speed:

Make sure that your text is slightly slanted so that it gives an effect of movement and speed. Also use thick fonts so that the text is easily readable.

• Use Bright But Minimal Colors For The Emblem:

For a good fitness emblem, it is important to use bright and attractive colors. Use colors that symbolize speed and momentum. Colors like red, yellow and orange are most appropriate in this case. Red represents energy and liveliness while yellow is associated with good times. Learn the hidden meaning and effects of colors before using them in your brand mark. For a ladies gym logo, you can also add small touches of pink or purple to give it a feminine touch.

Another tip is to make sure that you do not use shaded schemes in the trademark. Use solid colors to create a professional look of your company.

In conclusion, follow the below mentioned tips and create an emblem that is distinct and memorable.

write by derrick williams

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