Get That New Job Started Right: The Low-Down on a Preemployment Physical Exam

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Hey, it’s rough out there. One day you’re do your thing, making a ton of cash and being called “sir” by the people who work under you, and the next day you’re standing all alone on the proverbial yet-non-existent unemployment line (Unless you count a phone line… ) All you can do is get out there and plug away until something hits. It’ll happen. You just need to be out there looking for it, searching for it. Yearning for it. When the offer inevitably comes, just make sure you’re not tardy for the preemployment physical exam! That’s one test it you don’t want to fail!

A preemployment physical exam isn’t the type of test you can actually study for (unless you’re counting a lifetime of good living… and how many of us can say we’ve done that?) All you have to do is show up, open your mouth and tug up your shirt when asked. It is like any other physical. It is a test of your general health. What it really does is make sure you are up to whatever tasks this new job will ask of you.

We all remember taking physical exams-a preemployment one is the same ol’ same ol’. Although each and every doctor seems to have their own special brand of physical, there are a few things that one can expect. Seeing that it is a test of your general state of health, you can expect to have your heart rate taken via a stethoscope and a good old fashioned pulse test. A blood pressure test is another thing anyone undergoing any sort of physical exam can expect to undergo. As is weight and height. A preemployment exam typically takes about a half hour.

All Americans should have a general physical exam performed on them at least once a year, whether your preemployment status is involved or not. It’s easy-in this fast-paced world that we reside in-to forget about the obvious things like a regular physical exam, but so many people have this innocuous procedure to thank for catching an illness that may have progressed to a much more dangerous point and perhaps endangering their lives.

The reason a procedure like a preemployment physical exam can uncover a dangerous illness is that-although the testing is general-doctors can find out a lot of information while performing this procedure. A physical exam will include testing of the internal organs and all the accompanying systems. Frequently, a doctor will also check out the skin, the head, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the throat, lymph nodes, breasts, heart, abdomen, and reproductive organs. Sounds like a lot to get done in a half an hour, but that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

If you are searching for a clinic or doctor’s office that charge less than the big bucks, in other words, a place to receive an affordable preemployment physical exam, chances are you can do that with just a little bit of research. There are many fine medical clinics out there that administer these exams as a matter of course-and do a great job at it.

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